We must thank Imam Chalghoumi’s for risking his life to stand with Israel and for his powerful stance for the truth.

French-Tunisian Imam Hassen Chalghoumi met with IDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis last week in Paris and posted the historic meeting on social media.

Since then, he has been facing death threats.

Chalghoumi, a moderate Muslim leader known for his criticism of radical Islam and fundamentalism, and Manelis stated that they “have a common understanding of terrorism and its dangers.”

Both condemned Hamas and Iran for their violence and terrorism and spoke of peace and religious coexistence.

The clip sparked a backlash from other Muslim leaders who condemned Chalghoumi’s friendship towards Israel, while others issued a string of threats.

Chalghoumi, who has visited the Jewish state, is a known defender of Israel and was previously threatened for his stance.

In May 2006, his home was ransacked following a Holocaust memorial ceremony that he conducted in Drancy. His cooperation with Jewish organizations in France has won him the epithet “Imam of the Jews.”

Chalghoumi’s standing with Israel is commendable, and we must let him know that he is not alone, that we appreciate his bravery and thank him for his powerful stance for the truth.

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