An Egyptian jet in action. (Photo: youtube screenshot)
Egypt air force

As ISIS’ tentacles spread throughout the Middle East and Africa, the terrorist group commits its latest atrocity in Libya.

The Egyptian Air Force attacked Islamic State (ISIS) targets in Libya early Monday morning, in retaliation for ISIS beheading 21 Christian Copt Egyptians.

The Egyptian official television reported that the targets included training bases and munitions depots. According to some reports, seven ISIS terrorists were killed in the attack. Other reports indicate that the homes of ISIS commanders were targeted. This is the first time Egypt has officially admitted to carrying out attacks in Libya against terrorist objectives.

A statement released by a spokesman for the Armed Forces General Command said the airstrikes were carried out “to avenge the bloodshed and to seek retribution from the killers. Let those far and near know that Egyptians have a shield that protects them.”

ISIS abducted the 21 Egyptian laborers in December and subsequently executed them, distributing a clip of the beheadings on Sunday.

ISIS: ‘We Will Conquer Rome’

The entire horrific scene was recorded and disseminated throughout social media, a method of propaganda for which ISIS is notorious.

The clip shows the 21 men in orange jumpsuits being led along a beach, each accompanied by a masked terrorist. The men are made to kneel and one terrorist, dressed differently than the others, addresses the camera in North American-accented English.

“All crusaders: safety for you will be only wishes, especially if you are fighting us all together. Therefore we will fight you all together,” he said. “The sea you have hidden Sheikh Osama Bin Laden’s body in, we swear to Allah we will mix it with your blood.”

The men are placed face-down and simultaneously beheaded. The speaker then pointed northward across the blood-stained waves and said, “We will conquer Rome, by Allah’s permission.”

A caption on the five-minute video read: “The people of the cross, followers of the hostile Egyptian church.”

Egypt’s President Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi declared seven days of national mourning over the death of the 21 Egyptian citizens. He addressed the Egyptian nation on Sunday night, pledging resilience in the fight against terrorism.

Al-Azhar, the influential Islamic center for learning in Egypt, said no religion would accept such “barbaric” acts. The center has called for the killing and crucifixion of ISIS terrorists, expressing their outrage after ISIS burned to death a Jordanian pilot.

The US decried ISIS’ killing of the Copts as “despicable” and “cowardly.” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that the terror group’s barbarity “knows no bounds.”

Secretary of State John Kerry called Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry. He offered his condolences on behalf of the American people and strongly condemned the killings.

By: United with Israel Staff

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