The 2016 United States Presidential elections are probably one of the most important elections in the history of the United States. Israel and the Jewish people are a hot topic as of late for American Jewry, especially the huge Military aid package for Israel that was just past by President Obama and the U.S. Congress. I feel that Donald Trump is the most pro-Jewish American and Israel Presidential candidate, here is why.

In my opinion, it is not about Republican vs Democrat or man vs woman. It is so much more. Before reading this article; the best thing to do is to have an open mind and go past typical media bias. Let’s face it: how many times does Western Media make false reports about Israel ? This election is about a person who wants to protect America and her allies vs a person who already has put America and Israel at a National Security risk. Let’s look at the facts.

This has been stated in other articles, but sometimes to get through to people you have to repeat it until it sinks in. Donald Trump has already proven to be pro-Israel with his actions towards the Jewish state before his campaign for president. He has donated money to Israel medical teams as well as the IDF. He went after country clubs that denied the Jewish people to enter with lawsuits then build some himself. He has won Israel awards for his work for the Jewish state and people. He knows the situation in our region that we are not at war with all Islams and Arabs but at conflict with terror groups like Hamas, Hezbollah. He also acknowledges where terrorism starts with the brainwashing of children teaching them to hate Israeli Jews at a young age. He encourages Jewish homes being built in Jewish settlements.

For fellow Jews who are liberal, Trump is conservative but not as what you may think a conservative would be. He accepts people of all different backgrounds, culture, race, gender and religion even is against the hatred of the LGBT community. All he wants to do is make America first, great and safe again for all Americans and work with allies like Israel.

Before you think about voting for Hillary Clinton i just want to bring up a few facts that you really need to consider before voting for her. Again, this has nothing to do with being a woman, it has a lot to do with her last job performance as Secretary of State. Think about the four Americans that died in Benghazi. She had the opportunity to help but chose not to act. Then lied about it on national TV saying it was due to a YouTube video. She put classified emails on her public personal server which could have put America as well as Israel at risk, then she deletes the emails. She is well known for her lies and what exactly has she done for Jewish Americans? I know she supports the Iran deal which is a very dangerous deal crafted by President Obama. She supports a two-state solution which will put Israel in danger if implemented. Every time Israel gives up land for peace, terrorists takes a mile for terrorism on Israelis. History shows this. Her VP Tim Kaine turned his back on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu when he came to speak before Congress on the behalf of the Israeli people to prevent the deal, which will in time make Iran nuclear. I do want to point out that Trump is against this dangerous deal and vowed to take this deal off the table. The Clinton Foundation has received millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, a country which refuses to recognize Israel and has been exporting radical Islam.

The facts which do not care about feelings and it shows who really is a pro-Israel candidate. Please, I ask liberal Jews to truly look into your hearts and logical mind and look at the facts. Who will make America great and prosper, and who will make it a more dangerous, scarier place as well as putting Israel in danger?

Please Note: We do not endorse any political candidates.

Article by David Weissman

David Weissman was born in New York and served in the US Army for 13 years, with two deployments to Afghanistan. Now married with three daughters, he is a freelance writer and lives in Israel.