The 2016 United States Presidential elections are probably one of the most important elections in the history of the United States. Israel and the Jewish people are a hot topic as of late for American Jewry, especially the huge Military aid package for Israel that was just past by President Obama and the U.S. Congress.... Read more »

We are a great people because we questioned, we argued, and we stuck to our principles. Why is it that in 2016 we have suddenly shut down dissent?

I just found out that I am deplorable, or at least I hang out with deplorables.

The Republican Party launched its first ever election campaign in Israel on Monday, trying to convince skeptical American-Israeli dual citizens to cast their votes for Donald Trump.

In their never-ending quest to identify and find niche groups to exploit, the Democrats have now invented another 'protected' class: Gold Star Parents.

Many will protest publicly about the proposed ban on immigration on Muslims, but when they are alone with that button in the booth, they are going to remember the past seven years.

Bernie, I don’t feel the Bern for you, so please cut the Jew stuff and just focus on your hatred of billionaires, banks, and millionaires.