Who better to exploit than a family whose tragedy just happens to fit the narrative of the Democratic Party?

In their never-ending quest to identify and find niche groups to exploit, the Democrats have now invented another ‘protected’ class: Gold Star Parents, or as I am now calling them, GSPs.

They have now built this sub group around the perfect couple for them Muslims parents whose son was killed while defending our country in the war in Iraq. Oh, this is a good one. How many of you actually heard of Gold Star parents before the convention?  I admit to you that I didn’t. My bubble burst since I thought I am an avid reader and am up on this type of stuff.

Who better to exploit than a family whose tragedy just happens to fit the narrative of the Democratic Party? As if anyone has objected to all Muslims who have assimilated, love our country and have served it well.

As the Democrats are just learning, when you run a Khan job like this, you need to make sure that all of your stories mesh together nicely. What they didn’t count on was people doing the research on this particular family. Sure, anyone with a brain and a heart would feel sorry for any family that has to go through such a loss, but in this case there are a few problems.

Khizr Khan, who is the head of the snake of this Khan job, just so happens to be an expert on Sharia law. He also has profited on Muslim immigration. Oh, and by the way, he just so happens to have a business relationship with the Clintons. What a shock.

You may say so what, he is entitled to his opinion. Sure, but if you understand Sharia law you will see the total hypocrisy of this man standing on the podium and showing his copy of the constitution. In his world, Sharia Law TRUMPS our constitution. Please excuse the pun.

So here we are in yet another election where the Democrats have pulled a fast one on the half-conscious American public. In 2008, if you didn’t support President Obama, you were a racist. In 2012, if you supported Romney, you were a one percenter who hates poor people. Now a man who millions have watched on television for many years is the equivalent of Hitler, Mussolini and Charles Manson rolled up into one person.

If you are a half-conscious American news consumer or HCNC, you only absorbed the headlines from last week: “Donald Trump Attacks Gold Star Family.” First, you needed to know what the heck a Gold Star family is .They are the parents of a hero who was killed while saving his fellow soldiers. So the normal reaction to that headline was: How can anyone attack such a family? If, however, you spend the time actually reading, and or watching what was actually said, then you would understand what a Khan job this really is.

OK, the mistake that Trump made was to answer these people. It would have been smarter for him to just say something like “I feel your pain” (to the real expert at pivoting Bill Clinton) and move on. Instead, having been in politics now not even six months, his first instinct was to fight back. He is not a Dukakis who, when asked during a debate what he would do if his wife was raped, his answer was something like from HAL of 2001. An unemotional, analytical answer that boggled any normal person’s mind.

Donald Trump

Republican candidate Donald Trump (AP/Carlos Osorio)

This new protected family (only when they are Democrats) not only trashed Trump at the podium during the national convention. They baited Trump, and he answered. He questioned if Khan’s wife not speaking because she was Muslim. He should have dropped it however … It is not a stretch to say that in the Muslim world women are mostly second class citizens at best and not treated the same as in our culture. That was the sum total of his “attack” on the Khan family.

So from the people who brought you LGBTs, BLMs (Black Lives Matter),1 percenters and a host of other acronyms, we now have GSPs. At some point in the future, the Democrats will have an acronym for any niche group of people. I can see it now: LGBTLSP, meaning Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual left handed soccer people.  How about this one: FBSLFH Former Bernie Sanders Lefties for Hillary?

I can see elections in the future where they will advertise new firsts – the first black president, the first woman president…

Maybe there will be the first genetically modified hermaphrodite who is both a woman and a man. What bathroom will this person have to use?

So to be honest, President Obamas famous speech shouldn’t have included the message that we are not red states or blue states, but the United States. He should have said “We are red states, blue states, rainbow states, sepia toned, neon, black and white states. Agnostic states, religious states, states of confusion, we are the Disunited States.

Are you confused now?

Article by Larry Levine

Originally from Long Island, New York, Larry Levine lives in Columbus Ohio. He is an award-winning businessman/pro-Israel activist, writer. Also a standup comedian and talk show host whose guests included Jay Leno, Alexander Haig and Paul Reiser.