Trump could get publicly circumcised, recite the Shema (oldest Jewish prayer) as he is Bar Mitzvahed, eating gefilte fish with his Jewish grandchildren, and the crazy leftists would still call him an anti-Semite.

The lunatics at the Forward are at it again. One of the leading crazies is Peter Beinart, who wrote an article on Trump’s speech, titled, “How Trump Desecrates Memory of Holocaust Survivors – Despite Fine Words.”

When I heard Trump’s very moving speech this week at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, my first thought was that no matter what he does or says, the loony left will criticize him.

I was right. My “friends” on the left, especially those who work in Hollywood, spent their time online spewing their hatred because Trump pronounced Nazi phonetically, Nah Zee.

Trump could get publicly circumcised, recite the shema (oldest Jewish prayer) as he is Bar Mitzvahed, eating gefilte fish with his Jewish grandchildren, and they would still call him an anti-Semite.

What is even worse is the fact that Beinart compares survivor Gerda Weissman, whose amazing story Trump told, to today’s refugees.

These are the same “whiners” that said nothing, nada, crickets when hundreds of thousands of Syrians were butchered, some with weapons of mass destruction, while their deity Barack Obama did nothing. The only thing worse than doing nothing is promising to do something and then sitting back and doing nothing. It appears that he did nothing in Syria because he did not wante to upset the ridiculously dangerous and stupid Iran deal that he had foisted on the world. So not only did he do nothing, the something that he actually did has made it more likely that in less than 10 years, Iran could become the regional hegemon with nuclear weapons, thus ironically creating the potential for a second Holocaust.

Beinart whines on about Trump’s use of the “America First” slogan. Sure, it had anti-Semitic overtones in the 1940s, but the Trump campaign went out of its way to state unequivocally, dozens of times, that it had no relation to his current campaign.

If Gerda Weissman Were a Refugee Today…

The America First slogan of today is in response to the left’s open borders policies and its attack on US sovereignty over the past 8 years. This is the same reaction that caused Brexit, and potentially Frexit (France exiting the EU). There is no racial animus in the US wanting to control its borders, which any sovereign country has the obligation to do.

So Beinart wants to compare Gerda Weissman to today’s refugees. As the game show host said, LETS COMPARE!!!!

Donald Trump at Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington

President Donald Trump at Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. (Susan Walsh/AP)

Gerda, who at 21 was 68 pounds and nearly dead, met her future husband who happened to be her rescuer after the death camp where she had been imprisoned was liberated. Beinart opines that if Gerda were a refugee today, Trump would not let her in.

Beinart cites Trump’s proposal to cut United Nations funding in half. Everyone knows that Trump is a negotiator, so he starts with outlandish positions to end up with a moderated negotiated solution. However, Pete’s fondness for the UN is not shared by everyone. This is the same UN that just announced that Saudi Arabia, the bastion of women’s rights, was elected to… its Commission on Women’s Rights. This is the same UN that has singled out Israel for almost all of the world’s ills. Alas, so does Pete Beinart, so I am not surprised that he would defend the UN.

If Beinart wants to play the game of what would have happened after the Holocaust if Trump were president, then Beinart needs to be part of it as well. If Beinart were faced with the Holocaust in the 1940s, he would most likely have acted the same way as Stephen Wise, head of the Reform movement, who publicly slammed 400 orthodox Rabbis for rocking the boat when they went to lobby President Roosevelt ( the Jewish left’s deity at the time ) to do something about the trapped Jews of Europe. Pete would have criticized the orthodox, as he does today.

He also may have acted like other Jewish leaders of the time prior to the Holocaust in pushing for the prevention of Jews from moving to the ancient Jewish homeland.  After all, this would have been nationalism, how dare they/ Yes, there were Jewish leaders who, at the time, did this. There was a real chance of relocating some of European Jewry to the British Mandate of Palestine, yet it was fought by some on the Jewish left.

Despite all their criticism of Trump, the left’s deity, Obama, only allowed fewer than 50,000 refugees into the US last year (that we know of). That is, refugees – not legal immigrants, which amounted to over one million. To date, Trump has not suggested a limit on legal immigration. The refugee population of today was caused by Obama’s inaction and acquiescence to Syria, Russia, and Iran. Many of these “refugees” have 22 Arab countries in which to go. Europe has also taken in over one million. The effect of taking in these particular refugees has been catastrophic. Crime, rapes, riots, religious extremism have run rampant in these countries. While not all refugees are violent, this population as a wholecan hardly be compared to the Jewish refugees after the Holocaust.

Not your Daddy’s Refugees

These are not your Daddy’s refugees. They come from religiously intolerant, xenophobic, misogynist, anti-gay societies that are violent. The Jews who were in camps were no threat to anyone.

Furthermore the Jews had nowhere to go. These refugees do. They could also have stayed in Syria had the United States or the United Nations that Beinart loves so much done their job and created safe zones for them. They could have initiated a no fly zone or they could have done what Trump did, which was follow through with his threat if they crossed the red line of chemical weapons.

Trump’s final “desecration,” according to Beinart, is that he made this speech only because it was politically expedient. Politically expedient! This from a man who said nothing when Obama sold Israel down the river at the UN, Russia regained a foothold in the Middle East, andimposed the deal with Iran, which is now an existential threat to Israel.

Finall,y Trump, his staff, his wife and his children all have been viciously attacked by the left, and especially the Jewish left. Does Beinart really think it was politically expedient for him to “make nice” at the Holocaust museum just to curry favor with the people (the Jewish left) that hate him the most?

I don’t think so. Trump made the speech because he means it. He has had a relationship with the Jewish community throughout his career. He has many top managers who are Jewish and many who are women. He has business relationships with Jews. He has been consistently pro-Israel all of his life. It’s time for the disgusting vitriol from people like Beinart to stop.

The dehumanization of a group of individuals, including Trump and his supporters, should be one of the lessons of the Holocaust. Time to look in the mirror, Beinart.

Article by Larry Levine

Originally from Long Island, New York, Larry Levine lives in Columbus Ohio. He is an award-winning businessman/pro-Israel activist, writer. Also a standup comedian and talk show host whose guests included Jay Leno, Alexander Haig and Paul Reiser.