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Let’s start with his name. Can you honestly say that you have met many Jews named Peter? That may be the first clue. 

Peter has the looks of a little boy, which betrays the darkness that simmers underneath. This wolf in sheep’s clothing comes complete with the condescending soft tone of an academic who is speaking to people beneath him. He was born and raised in Cambridge Massachusetts. Many people in Massachusetts call Cambridge and Harvard another country. I will call it Utopiastan. Welcome to Utopiastan, the world of theory, not reality.

Trump at AIPAC: A Jewish betrayal of the United States was the title of his latest missive.

A Jewish betrayal?  Thank you Peter for singlehandedly emphasizing the anti-Semitic canard of dual loyalty. AIPACs sole purpose is to be a partisan voice for pro-Israel support. It’s not its job to take positions that you would like it to take. It has the same right as any other lobbying group in our country.

If you want anti-Israel ranting, then you should continue to support J Street, which is a partisan organization that directly supports candidates monetarily. AIPAC does not directly give money to any candidates.

Peter criticized AIPAC for hosting John Hagee in the past and Donald Trump at its recent convention. I didn’t see him criticizing J Street for hosting James Baker, who once said, “f… the Jews”. I didn’t see him criticizing J Street for giving a platform to Marcia Freedman (she sat next to him), who said the Jews shouldn’t have a state. I guess free speech to Peter is only for his chosen speakers and organizations.

Peter also criticized AIPAC and Jews who attended the latest conference because they had the audacity to laugh at a joke Donald Trump made about President Obama. How terrible it must have been for people like Peter  to hear cheering when Trump said there are only nine months left in Barack Obama’s Presidency…yay.

How dare AIPAC invite the frontrunner for the Republicans to a bipartisan event for pro-Israel supporters? Beinart has every right to dislike Trump. There were even some crazy rabbis who screamed that Trump was wicked and they walked out. I say crazy because leftists don’t want to hear anyone with different opinions than theirs.

The standing ovation was spontaneous, from the heart, and represented what many Jews, Democrats and Republicans, feel about our president. Peter felt it was a betrayal to even have Trump speak.  In Peter’s world you cannot criticize this president in any way, especially if you are Jewish. After all, we are only guests here, right Peter? We all need to take the loyalty test and pledge fealty to whomever you decide has the best interests for Jews and Israel at heart. You have decided that we are all dhimmis here in the United States and in Israel. Sorry, no thanks.

To criticize AIPAC and its attendees for their behavior is patently ridiculous.  We are still free to speak our mind, at least for now. The AIPAC leadership’s response was even more ridiculous.  The leadership felt it necessary to criticize those in the crowd (most of them) for clapping and cheering when Donald Trump spoke.

I don’t trust anyone who is so dogmatic about their positions that they will not listen to or acknowledge anyone else’s opinions. The name of one of his books is The Good Fight: Why Liberals—and Only Liberals—Can Win the War on Terror and Make America Great Again. That says it all. Gee, isn’t it ironic that Peter shares the same tag line with Donald Trump?

Both Peter “the great” and “The Donald” feel they can singlehandedly make America great again – two arrogant narcissists on polar opposite sides.

Donald and Peter both grew up and now live in cloistered, protected environments. Peter in the land of Utopiastan, and Trump as the king of his own empire.

Peter is a huge proponent of the BDS movement. He will argue that it is only for the territories, however ,the BDS movement goal is to wipe Israel off the map.

Israel … is made up of mostly Jews. When Peter supports BDS, he is supporting the boycott of Jews. The last time that we saw major boycotts against Jews (not including the incessant boycotts from the Arabs) was during the Holocaust.

I followed Peter on Facebook and Twitter during the latest Gaza war when the worst kind of conspiracy theories about Netanyahu and Israel were being spread. Peter couldn’t even entertain that Israel wasn’t in the wrong. Peter even commented on his Facebook page that Israel used the kidnap and murder of the three teenagers as a pretext to start a war with Gaza. He was indignant that Israel and Netanyahu would publicly state that they felt that Hamas was behind that kidnapping.

Peter is willing to criticize Israel from the comfort of his cushy home back here in the States. My friends in Israel live in places like Sderot, where missiles raining down on them are commonplace.

When Peter spoke at an annual J Street convention, he said that our community should be more open to criticism. Criticism is okay, that is what made our people great. However, an obsessional focus on all things anti-Israel is not. He was a star at the J Street convention. This was his crowd. A group of phonies who pretend to care about Israel and Jews, yet never say anything positive about either.

In reality, Peter is nothing but just another liberal fascist who pretends to care when in reality he’s merely a bought-and-paid-for shill for Israel’s enemies.

Article by Larry Levine

Originally from Long Island, New York, Larry Levine lives in Columbus Ohio. He is an award-winning businessman/pro-Israel activist, writer. Also a standup comedian and talk show host whose guests included Jay Leno, Alexander Haig and Paul Reiser.