Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of American fringe left-wing group J Street, is pressuring the Obama Administration to revoke the US tax-exempt status of the Israeli NGO Regavim, claiming it is acting against the two-state solution. Protest to J Street for getting it wrong!

J Street Jews are the Jewish equivalent to Uncle Tom. Their lives are not in any danger, but they chose to curry favor with the “elite” against their own people.

Vice President Joe Biden’s jabs at Israel’s prime minister during a speech Monday evening at a gathering for a left-wing Israel lobbying group amount to “payback from the White House,” retired Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz said. In an address delivered at J Street’s annual convention in Washington DC, Biden singled out Prime Minister Benjamin... Read more »

J Street congratulated the Obama administration for reaching “an historic agreement” with Iran. The left-wing group is lobbying Congress to support the framework deal.