An Israeli artist discovered a way to fight against the darkness of terror and destruction: Turning the remains of Hamas missiles into Chanukah menorahs that sparkle with the enduring spirit of beauty and life!

In this tragic period of utter darkness, we welcome the approaching Festival of Lights and the timeless lessons of the Holy Menorah. Why has the Menorah endured as the timeless symbol of Jewish light?

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The Jerusalem Mint is proud to honor the unique splendor and spirit of Jerusalem by minting limited edition gold and silver coins that will glorify the Holy City for generations to come. These magnificent treasures, designed by Israeli artist Moshe Braun, express our desire to "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem" (Psalms 122:6). A portion of all proceeds help support Israeli Charities.

An incredible story of an Israeli artist who turns the remains of Hamas rockets into items of beauty and meaning. Modern day versions of "swords turned into plowshares" that you can bring into your own home!