At a time when the enemies of Israel are rewriting history to deny the existence of Israel’s ancient Holy Temple, the world renown Jerusalem Coin keeps the memory of the Temple alive in our thoughts and dreams.

The exquisite Jerusalem Coin not only attracts the eye, its great depth and meaning also appeal to the soul. The coin’s artistic detail depicts ancient Jerusalem and the seven branch menorah, the ultimate symbols of true peace and infinite Divine light.

The front side of the coin presents the ancient city of Jerusalem at the time of the Holy Temple. The ancient stone walls surrounding the holy city of Jerusalem transverse the coin’s foreground. The Hebrew words “שאלו שלום ירושלים” arch over the coin’s top, with an English version appearing below, “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.” The coin’s imagery also reflects the city’s appearance in the future, when the third and final Holy Temple will be built.

What Does the Word ‘Jerusalem’ Mean?

Jerusalem was originally incorporated into the Jebusite territory which King David conquered and transformed into Israel’s ancient Jewish capital. Although King David’s dream was to build the First Holy Temple, God dictated that Solomon, his son, would construct it.

The word Jerusalem is spelled ירושלים (yi-roo-sha-LAH-yim), combining the Hebrew words יראו (yeer-OO), “they will see,” with שלום (sha-LOME), “peace.” Indeed, Jerusalem is the eternal city of peace, a place where body and soul come together, a place where man and God can connect in the deepest way.

Interestingly, King Solomon’s name, שלמה (SHLOW-mo), is derived from the same root word as the word shalom, as his essence was harmony and oneness. He was able to communicate with nature, to understand the language of animals, and to speak with the world.> Since the Holy Temple had to emit a feeling of total peace on the highest level, God chose Solomon to build the Temple instead of his father David.

What Was the Purpose of the Golden Menorah?

The reverse side of the coin features the seven branch menorah, one of the most sacred vessels in the Holy Temple. The menorah remains an enduring symbol of Divine light spreading throughout the world, as is apparent in its unique design.

God commanded the menorah to be fashioned from a single, solid piece of gold – shaped with its goblets facing downward, symbolic of its emphasis on disseminating light outward to others. In fact, the purpose of the Menorah was not to illuminate the Temple, but rather to spread the Light of Godliness to the entire world.

The seven lamps of the Menorah symbolize knowledge and wisdom, with the six outer branches – representing human wisdom – turning inwards towards the center branch, which symbolizes the wisdom of the Divine. As the icon of Divine light and inspiration for the entire world, the menorah represents God as the source of all wisdom.

A truly a magnificent, inspiring symbol of eternal peace and light, the Jerusalem Coin will connect you to the physical and spiritual splendor of the holiest city on earth. It will serve as a constant reminder of the holiness of the ancient Jewish Temple that stood atop the Temple Mount. May the Holy Temple be rebuilt speedily in our days!

Jerusalem Coin

The Jerusalem Coin is available in 24 karat gold, .999 silver or nickel – to fit any budget. These coins make meaningful holiday gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime.