Meta considers lifting ban on Arabic word “shaheed,” sparking debate over its impact on online content moderation and safety concerns. By Rinat Harash, Honest Reporting Picture this: Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, the mastermind of the deadly October 7 attack on Israel, is killed. Arabic Facebook feeds are filled with posts showing Hamas flags and terrorists... Read more »

Israeli journalists come under scrutiny as media practices and coverage during the Gaza war spark debate over the portrayal of suffering on both sides. By Rachel O’Donoghue,Honest Reporting The Guardian‘s sister weekly newspaper, The Observer, recently published a feature that took aim at Israeli journalists. Headlined, “‘Journalists see their role as helping to win’: how... Read more »

Hamas strategically exaggerates civilian casualty numbers, urging skepticism toward UN-published figures and highlighting them as part of a propaganda effort rather than an accurate representation of the situation.