by: Michael Ordman


Penetrating the BBB

The nano-platform technology of Israel’s NanoCarry traverses the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) to deliver potentially life-saving therapies to the brain.  Its initial target is HER2 breast cancer brain metastases for which there is no treatment, even though the original cancer can now effectively be cured.

Predicting what cancer cells will do next

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem analyze cancer patient biopsies and use AI to predict disease progression or chemotherapy resistance. Using the science of nano-informatics, they expose cells to nano particles, record absorption levels, and model cellular behavior.

Sickle cell disease treatment trial

Israel’s BiolineRX is to conduct Phase 1 clinical trials on sickle cell disease (SCD) patients at multiple locations in the US.  It will use its motixafortide stem cell therapy (see here previously), currently used to treat multiple myeloma. SCD is caused by a mutation of the hemoglobin gene.

The long road

Back in 2015 (see here previously) Israel’s Ben Gurion University researchers discovered the link between protein macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Now they are leading an international team to use it as a potential cure.

The right antibiotic in 90 mins

Scientists at Israel’s Technion Institute have developed optical sensor technology that can identify the correct antibiotic for urinary tract and other infections in just 90 minutes. They worked with Technion alumni in a Maryland USA company and at John Hopkins University.

An ambucar needed for Netanya

Israel’s United Hatzalah is appealing for funds to purchase a rapid response vehicle – known as a minilance (mini ambulance) ATV (all-terrain vehicle). It can bring a team of up to five UH volunteers and veteran lifesaving medics to the scene of a local emergency within minutes.

Eradicating the last polio virus

Ben-Gurion University has received a $1.3 million grant from the Gates Foundation to develop and validate a novel and safe approach for measuring immune responses to polioviruses.

Merck boost for antibody design startup

Israel’s Biolojic Design (see here previously) is partnering Merck, to develop molecules that could be the basis for therapies to treat cancer and other immunological disorders. The venture is potentially worth up to 350 million euros to the Israeli company.

Treating late life depression

The US FDA has extended its approval of the Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation system from Israel’s BrainsWay (see here previously). It can now be used to treat depression up to the patient’s 86th birthday. The previous maximum age limit was 67.

Exercises restore eyesight

Israel’s RevitalVision (see here previously) has been very successful in improving the condition of the visually impaired. On average, the structured on-line brain exercises achieve a measurable improvement of 20 – 25%, equivalent to an extra two lines on a standard eye chart.

Watch out for snakes

Doctors saved an Israeli woman in her 50s after she was bitten by a snake in southern Israel. She was brought to Ashdod hospital by family members who also brought the snake.  Doctors were able to identify the snake and administer the correct anti-venom serum.  The article contains some important advice.


Mother of 11 wins Krill Prize

The Wolf Foundation has awarded one of its 2024 Krill Prizes to Dr. Chaya Keller from the School of Computer Science at Ariel University for her significant contributions to discrete and computational geometry. Dr Keller is a mother to 11 children. Her husband is a Bar-Ilan professor.

The Israeli Arab in charge of building Intel’s factories

Israeli Arab Reda Masarwa (see here previously) is Intel’s VP of Fab Construction Engineering. He is one of the key people entrusted with the largest expansion in Intel’s history – building and equipping ten factories, including in Israel, Germany, Poland, and (yes) Malaysia.

All-Israeli action figures

A must for all ages. Pre-order IDF action figures, symbolizing the courage and mosaic of Israel’s real-life heroes. Ashkenazi special forces, Mizrahi kibbutz infantrywoman, Arab Druze paratrooper, and Ethiopian reconnaissance ranger, and many more. Plus, a K9 dog and many accessories.

Emirati award to Israeli female

The UAE’s Khalifa Award for Education was given to Technion Professor Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus for her research on how children learn to read. Horowitz-Kraus specializes in brain imaging research (EEG and MRI) to help children who have difficulties learning to read.

Thousands march for Israel in

Estimates of between 40,000 and 100,000 marchers gathered for ‘Israel Day on 5th,’ the annual parade on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue in support of Israel.

And in London

An estimated 40,000 people marched through London under the banner “United we bring them home”.  It was the largest pro-Israel gathering in the UK since Oct 7. At the end of the march, yellow balloons were released.

Japanese donate ambulances

Christian politicians from across Japan are donating two ambulances to Israeli communities along the border with Gaza to replace ambulances destroyed by Hamas on Oct 7. They recently gave £150,000 to Israel’s Magen David Adom to buy the first mobile intensive care unit ambulance.

Israeli WHO amendment

Every year since 1968, the World Health Organization’s annual Assembly in Geneva passes a resolution criticizing Israel. This year, Israel proposed an amendment calling for the release of the Gaza hostages and denouncing militarization of Gaza hospitals. Amazingly, it passed.

We could learn from this

U.S. military legal experts and former commanders have issued a report praising the IDF and its conduct of the war against Hamas. It concluded, “The U.S. military would benefit from studying how the IDF fought effectively in this highly complex, multi-domain environment,”


Intel-Israel’s latest AI chip

Intel has unveiled Lunar Lake – its new range of AI-ready processors. Designed and developed by Israeli architects and engineers; constructed at Intel’s Haifa and Petah Tikva development centers. Lunar Lake is 50% faster than the previous generation, while consuming 80% less energy.

Nine awards

Israel’s Appdome (see here previously) received a total of nine (9) Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. They were Mobile security platform, Automation, Social engineering defense, Bot defense, Geo location compliance, XDR (Extended Detection & Response), DevOps tool, and Application security.

A billion shekels

Israel’s Bar-Ilan University has received an anonymous $260 million (NIS 1 billion) donation (one of the largest ever to an Israeli university) to invest in deep-tech sciences. Bar-Ilan President Prof Arie Zaban said it potentially could positively influence the future of Israel and humanity.

Safety system for e-bikes and e-scooters

Israel’s Autotalks (see here previously) has launched the V2X (Vehicle to Anything) TEKTON3-BIKE System on Chip safety system, plus the ZooZ3 V2X device or smartphone app for e-bikes and e-scooters. Cyclists will receive real-time alerts to potential road hazards.

Supercharging lead-acid batteries

Israel’s Salvation Battery has incorporated carbon nanotubes into lead-acid batteries, quadrupling their life and making them potentially rechargeable and recyclable. Lead-acid cells currently are used to start gasolene-fueled vehicles, but soon may replace lithium-ion cells in EVs and more.

Cleaning North Carolina’s largest lake

Israel’s BlueGreen Water Technologies (see here previously) has begun a pilot study to treat cyanobacteria in an area of Lake Mattamuskeet, the state’s largest freshwater lake. Large, toxic algal blooms and declining water quality threaten the lake’s extensive wildlife.

Cheese from soybeans

Israel’s NewMoo has joined the ranks of Israel’s no-cow milk food producers (see here for others). NewMoo generates casein proteins (80% of the proteins in milk) from soybean plants, which are turned into liquid form for animal-free cheese production.

Life from the sun

Most people know that photosynthesis is the way many plants grow, using sunlight, water & CO2 to generate chemical energy. Technion scientist Ariel Hazan traveled to Antarctica to investigate another way – where the microbial protein rhodopsin enables microorganisms to convert sunlight into energy.


Space – the final frontier for computer screens

Israel’s Sightful (see here previously) has unveiled the latest version of its no-screen Augmented Reality laptop computer. The Spacetop G1 is scheduled to be released in Oct. It’s a computer, Jim, but not as we know it.


Terminal 1 opens as Ryanair returns

Ben Gurion airport’s low-cost Terminal 1 reopened on Jun 3rd for international flights. A few hours later, Ryanair’s first flight in Israel since February landed. It will operate routes between Tel Aviv and Berlin, Paphos, Budapest, Bari, Milan, Malta and Athens.

A cool business – 3km from Gaza

Israel’s ZutaCore (see here previously) has returned to its Sderot factory to continue to produce its unique waterless dielectric liquid-cooling solution for overworked AI microchips. CEO Erez Freibach, describes his entrepreneurial background and that of his “genius” CTO Nahshon Eadelson.

Working on the Gaza border

The center of Sderot is the unlikely location for NatureGrowth. It originally was planned to be a hub for ag-tech and climate-tech startups. After Oct 7 it became SafeSpace – a quiet co-working area, and now it’s a base for non-profits. The owners hope one day it can become a global ag-tech hub.

Prepared for when disaster strikes

Aman Group (see here previously) is Israel’s largest IT company, with some 4,000 employees. Established 50 years ago, it deliberately maintains 50% of its operations in Israel. But it also has subsidiaries in several other countries, which can operate as disaster recovery sites in times of crisis.

5 cyber companies to watch

Calcalist identifies five specialist Israeli cyber security startups that should do well in 2024. Oasis Security (non-human identities, eg passwords), Astrix Security (non-human connections, e.g. APIs), Backslash (development security), Zenity (low code environments) and OneLayer (hospitals).

New factory for microalgae protein

Israel’s Brevel (see here previously), has opened its first commercial plant for producing its alternative protein from microalgae. The product is vegan, gluten-free, non-allegenic, non-GMO, over 60% protein, and has a long shelf life. It can be used in dairy or meat alternative products.

A buffalo farm in Israel

Chanoch Trister owns and manages Israel’s one-and-only buffalo farm in Moshav Bitzaron in southern Israel from buffalos flown to Israel in the 1990s. The farm produces mozzarella and burrata balls, a wide range of hard, aged cheeses, flavored yogurts, labneh and even buffalo milk ice cream.

Eyes for French aircraft engine manufacturer

Israel’s has received a purchase order from France-based Safran Aircraft Engines. will supply its cutting-edge micro cameras to support Safran’s experimentation, planning and development of jet engines for the aviation industry.

Software for football (soccer) coaches

Israel’s Easy Coach helps soccer coaches manage their clubs. Features include club administration, player development & performance, team analysis, tactics, training strategies etc.  Used by the Israeli National team, Villarreal FC, and 250+ other teams in 7 countries including South Africa.

$260 million order for Elbit

Another (undisclosed) international company has recognized Israel’s dominance in the defense technology industry with a two-year, $260 million purchase order for systems from Israel’s Elbit. In 2023, Elbit earned revenues of approximately $6 billion and now has an order backlog of $17.8 billion.

Pineapple delight

Israel has cancelled customs duties on pineapple imports from Costa Rica, leading to plummeting prices.  Israelis have taken full advantage, almost doubling their normal consumption. The fruit already had increased its popularity, rising from 1.1 million sold in 2021 to 1.9 million in 2023.

Exits, takeovers and mergers – to 9/6/24:

Germany’s SAP is acquiring Israel’s WalkMe for $1.5 billion; US-based Tenable is acquiring Israel’s Eureka Security for “tens of millions of dollars”.  Israel’s Valens Semiconductor has acquired Colorado’s Acroname.

Startup investment – to 9/6/24:  Gauzy raised $75 million (IPO);


Hot Jazz

A taste of the New Orleans Jazz festival in Tel Aviv (see here previously).


Jerusalem streets after Lag B’Omer

Jerusalemites have been taking full advantage of the end of the ban on weddings before Lag B’Omer. Now the streets are full of the sound of celebrations and parties. But these cannot compare to the Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) celebrations – to be reported next week.

Gal Gadot’s movie has over 100 million views

Israeli actress Gal Gadot’s action thriller “Heart of Stone” was streamed on Netflix over 109 million times in the second half of 2023. It was the second most watched movie, behind “Leave the World Behind”, which had 121 million views.

European curling runners up

Bulgaria beat Israel 7-4 in the final of the men’s European Curling Championships 2024 C-Division in Dumfries, Scotland. The silver medal-winning Israeli men’s team comprised skip Alex Pokras, third Dmitri Abanin, second Lawrence Sidney and lead Jeffrey Yaakov Lutz.


Jerusalem’s Herodian quarter is open

After two years of renovations costing $5 million, Jerusalem’s 2,000-year-old Herodian Quarter in the Old City is reopening to the public. The 2,600sqm area contains luxurious homes, mosaics, paved streets and numerous ritual baths for the priestly families that served at the 2nd Temple.

The sacred mountains of Samaria

A new study from Tel Aviv University identified the earliest appearance worldwide of special stone tools, used 400,000 years ago to cut fallow deer meat. The study also named Mounts Ebal and Gerizim (see Books of Deuteronomy & Joshua) as sacred places where fallow deer were plentiful.

Using AI to analyze the Talmud

Researchers from Tel Aviv and Ariel universities have used a Machine Learning algorithm to find places in the Talmud that contain unusual language variations. They confirmed the theories of Rashi and other Torah scholars that these “special tractates” may have come from different sources.

Jerusalem’s population tops 1 million

As the Jewish world celebrates Yom Yerushalayim – Jerusalem Day, the Jerusalem Research Institute published its annual survey, showing that the population of Israel’s capital – the eternal city – has just exceeded one million inhabitants. It grew by 13,400 residents since last year’s survey.

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