by: Michael Ordman


Gaza border incubator is back in business

The attacks on Oct 7 took a severe toll on the SouthUp business incubator (see here previously). But now the Nir Am center has fully reopened. Four new startups have joined the portfolio of 27 companies working in the fields of agritech, food tech, medical tech, clean tech, and IoT.

75% of employees in the reserves

On Oct 7, 60 of the 80 Israeli-based employees at Israel’s Exodigo (see here previously) were drafted into the IDF reserves. The remaining Israeli office and overseas staff managed to close new deals but persuaded those customers to wait a while for implementation.

Raising funds for child survivors

Israel’s Valoo has launched a fund assembled to provide support for the child survivors of Oct 7. Operating with the social fund Tmura (see here previously), it will regularly distribute cash to these children over the next 10 years. The fund has already raised some $20 million in stock donations.


Another schizophrenia treatment

Israel’s Teva has reported positive results of the Phase III trial of its Olanzapine LAI schizophrenia treatment that it has been developing with France’s Medincell. The once-a-month injections met all endpoints. It is likely to be an effective remedy without any serious side effects.

Alzheimer’s researcher sees the light

More about the groundbreaking research of Prof. Shai Rahimipour of Israel’s Bar-Ilan University (see here previously). His Alzheimer’s disease target is a soluble amyloid protein that can be destroyed by nanoparticles that generate light when exposed to low-intensity X rays.

Edison award for cancer diagnosis

Israel’s Ibex Medical Analytics (see here previously) was a bronze winner in the Diagnostic Technologies category at the 2024 Edison Awards. Ibex won the award for its Galen Breast HER2 platform, that identifies the protein responsible for the proliferation of cancer cells.

Diagnosing Endometriosis

Israel’s EndoCure (see here previously) is developing a diagnostic tool combining AI and ultrasound that would allow physicians to clearly see the tiny lesions responsible for Endometriosis. The disease causes pelvic pain and infertility for women. It can spread to other organs and is sometimes fatal.

Navigating the US health system

Israel’s Healthee (see here previously) helps employers and employees select and navigate the most suitable health plan. It also connects the user with round-the-clock telehealth services that are free of charge.

Lasers to reduce pain

Doctors at Israel’s Sheba Medical Center are using low-level lasers to treat soldiers and civilians for chronic pain caused from wounds sustained in the Oct 7 war. They stimulate mitochondria which releases ATP causing muscles to contract. Many patients experience up to 80% immediate improvement.

Gel helps bones repair faster

Israel’s OrthoTreat has developed ModulX – a gel containing both a known medication plus a plant-based compound. The gel is injected directly onto the bone as a bonding agent where it strengthens the bone and improves its psychological structure.

Bio-printing cells into the body

Technion Professor Shulamit Levenberg (see here previously) has made yet another medical breakthrough. She has developed a non-surgical medication delivery and tissue implantation technique using ultrasound waves. Live cells from injected biological ink are “printed” deep inside the body.

10 new life-changing biomed innovators

The first graduates of the SHAAR Innovation Hub (see here previously) include BeCapioCaleeTech, Gento Gel-LR (sustained release antibiotics), Luseed VascularPanacea-mlPredicta MedSherman DiagnosticsSnipe MedicalSorlis, and TechnoPulm.


Ethiopian Israeli entrepreneur

The life story of 38-year-old Solomon Geveye reads like a movie script. He arrived in Israel in 1991 at the age of 6; Economics degree at Ariel University; 7.5 years in the IDF; 5 years in USA in finance & security, back to Israel to start international consultancy & Israel advocacy; and much more.

“Hurricane” in Arabic

Lebanese singer Carine Bassili, who grew up in Lebanon and now lives in the United States, decided to perform an Arabic cover of the Israeli Eurovision song “Hurricane” as an act of support for Israeli performer Eden Golan who was bullied and harassed in Malmö.

Romania’s Friendship and Solidarity day

The Parliament of Romania has adopted a law to establish May 14 as the National Day of Friendship and Solidarity between Romania and the State of Israel. (The State of Israel was officially established on May 14, 1948.) Knesset Speaker MK Ohana said, “Israel will thank you forever”.

Netherlands to move embassy to Jerusalem

The four political parties seeking to form the next Dutch government are planning to move the Dutch embassy in Israel from Ramat Gan to Jerusalem. Geert Wilders, whose party won the most seats in the recent election, is staunchly pro-Israel.

Five universities rise in rankings

UAE-based Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) has increased the ranking of five Israeli universities in its latest list. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is now 66th (was 70) and Weizmann Institute is now 74th (was 87). All nine Israeli universities were in the top 10% worldwide.


Growing dairy proteins in potatoes

Israel’s Evogene has partnered with the Kitchen Foodtech Hub to form Finally Foods. It is developing plant-based alternatives to meat, based on casein – the protein in dairy products, using potatoes to host cultivation. The proteins will then be used to make vegan milk, cheese, emulsifiers etc.

Detox Project certification for greens

The Detox Project, renowned for its scientific assessment of toxic chemicals in food and supplements globally, awarded quality certifications to GreenOnyx (see here previously). Its superfood product, Wanna Greens, is the first CleanScan-certified brand globally.

Restoring the wetlands

This article describes the latest progress of the SPNI (Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel) project to turn 2,000 acres of unprofitable fish-farms, south of Haifa, back into swamp. Its environmental and tourism benefits will exceed those of the popular Hula Valley – another restored wetland.

AI institute launched

Israel’s Ben-Gurion University has launched ‘The Institute’ – an artificial intelligence initiative to promote Israel’s leadership in implementing AI capabilities in cyber, medical, finance and education. Initially a mentoring team of Israeli AI experts will train the CEOs of leading companies.

Security for GenAI

Generative AI systems such as ChatGPT are used in 80% of Fortune 500 companies. But they have risks including data breaches, malicious injections, and copyright violations. Israel’s Apex Security aims to protect those systems. Investors include Sam Altman, CEO of ChatGPT’s parent company OpenAI.

Light up your life

Israel’s Solight channels natural sunlight from 8am to 4pm into indoor spaces using mirrors from a rooftop solar collector. It provides health benefits to those stuck inside and cuts exposure to artificial light. It also cuts the cost of providing artificial lighting in schools, hospitals and industrial buildings.

Satellite to honor Oct 7 victims

They destroy, we build.  Israel’s Technion and Israel Aerospace Industries are building a communications satellite called NOVA-SAT in memory of the victims of the Nova festival. It also honors Captain (res.) Denis Krokhmalov Veksler who died in Gaza before he could start his Technion studies.

Autonomous bulldozer

The IDF has begun to deploy unmanned 50-ton D9 “Panda” bulldozers in Gaza. It is the world’s first significant involvement of such ground robotic tools in combat, reducing the risk to IDF personnel. The Pandas are built by ELTA Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries.


Economy grows.

Israel’s economy recovered sharply in the first quarter of 2024. Gross domestic product (GDP) grew an annualized 14.1% in the January to March period.  Growth was led by a rebound in consumer spending and investment, particularly in residential building. 21% more new homes were sold than Q1/23

Boosting hi-tech investment

The Israel Innovation Authority is investing $160 million over 20 months in the Yozma Fund 2.0 initiative. It aims to attract another $700 million from institutional investors such as Venture Capital funds, to encourage more Deep Tech startups (see here previously).

New tech park for Modi’in

The TechMod tech park in Modi’in will provide 10,000 jobs in the city that was originally built as a dormitory town between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The NIS 1.5 billion cost will encompass 100,000 sqm of office and commercial space, saving time for 75% of residents who currently work elsewhere.

Victoria’s Secret opens in Israel

Despite the ongoing war, the famous lingerie company Victoria’s Secret has opened two stores in Israel, at shopping malls in Haifa and Petah Tikvah. They follow the launch of the Israeli Victoria’s Secret website which started operations last year.

A better vegan salmon

Israel’s Oshi (formerly Plantish – see here previously) is unveiling the latest version of its plant-based salmon filet, in Chicago. Oshi has secured US-wide distribution for its flagship alternative cooked salmon filet.

Exits, takeovers and mergers – to 19/5/24:

Israel’s Nuvo has merged with US-based LAMF Global ventures and is now trading on NASDAQ.  Israel’s Travelier has acquired Brazil’s top bus ticket seller DeOnibus. Blackstone Growth Fund is to acquire Israel’s Priority Software at an $800 million valuation.

Startup investment – to 19/5/24: raised $140 million (new Unicorn); Agora raised $34 million;


National Park revitalized

Nahal HaShofet (“Judge’s Stream”) in northwest Israel’s Ramat Menashe Park has reopened following extensive reconstruction. KKL-JNF has restored the stream following floods in 2020 and built walking trails, picnic areas, and accessible facilities for visitors of all abilities.

Five new hotels

Showing confidence in the future resilience if Israel’s tourism economy, five new Israeli hotels have opened in the last six months. They are David’s Harp Galilee Resort, Rothschild 69 (Tel Aviv), Albi Florentine (Tel Aviv), Almond Hotel (Neve Ilan), and The George (Tel Aviv).

Eurovision success

Israel’s Eurovision Song Contest entry “Hurricane”, sung by Eden Golan, achieved an overall fifth place. In the global public vote, it came second.  Eden herself was a great advocate for Israel. You can watch her receive the “Hero Award” at the United Hatzalah NYC Gala on June 4.

Real life on film in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s annual DocAviv documentary film festival is celebrating its 26th year and running May 23 through June 1 at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque and other movie theaters around the city. The event offers a week of screenings of works from Israel and around the world.

New Orleans Jazz in Tel Aviv

Experience the vibrancy of the 6th annual Tel Aviv New Orleans Jazz Festival (May 30 – June 1) at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Jazz artists from New Orleans, London, Amsterdam, Paris, & Berlin will perform alongside local talents, in a range of styles from Ragtime to Blues and Dixie.

The Beatles in Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s first Beatles Festival takes place on May 30 at the Kfar Shaul hospital in Givat Shaul, near Har Nof. Beatles bands from all over Israel will perform the Fab Four’s famous hits.

Jerusalem Harmonica Festival. The Third Jerusalem Harmonica Festival is being held May 29 and 30 at Jerusalem’s Harmony Cultural Center.

More gold sporting medals

Israel’s Asaf Yasur (see here previously) won gold at the European Para-Taekwondo championships. Gefen Primo (see here previously) won gold at the judo Grand Slam event in Kazakhstan.

Last line of German defense

Israeli national soccer team goalkeeper Daniel Peretz made his debut for Bayern Munich. It was the eve of Israel’s Memorial Day, and Daniel paid tribute to Israel’s fallen soldiers and the victims of terrorism. It was emotional to see an Israeli Jew help the German champions to a 2-0 win.


For the sake of the Survivors

In 2020, Israel’s Dr. Tamara Kolitz founded the non-profit LeMa’anam (“for their sake” in Hebrew), to provide timely healthcare free of charge to Holocaust survivors. Now, 1,500 physicians volunteer in their private clinics, patients’ homes, or LeMa’anam’s two mobile clinics.

104-year-old survivor and her 400+ descendants

Shoshana Ovitz 104-year-old Holocaust survivor celebrated her birthday last week by gathering over 400 children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and other relatives at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

PM wears tefillin of fallen soldier

A rare photograph of Prime Minister Netanyahu wearing tefillin (phylacteries) was posted on Instagram. The PM promised the mother of Moshiko Dvino, who fell in battle in 2014, that he would put on Moshiko’s tefillin. The smell of gunpowder remains on the tefillin case.

Celebrating 76 Years

An inspiring video, released to celebrate Yom Ha’Atzmaut – Israel’s Independence Day.

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