Good News Israel Archive from the week of July 31, 2016: Israel’s Aspect Imaging develops small, affordable and innovative MRI scanners; Download the United With Israel iPhone app, and much more.



The power to see inside

Israel’s Aspect Imaging develops small, affordable and innovative MRI scanners. Its non-claustrophobic WristView scans limbs (e.g. wrist and hand) and Embrace scans newborns. WristView has just received the European CE Mark, to add to its existing US FDA approval.

Good feelings can kill bacteria

Scientists at Israel’s Technion Institute have stimulated the feel-good center in mice and discovered that their immune cells were able to kill twice as much bacteria than those of non-stimulated mice. The results, published in nature medicine, could explain the placebo effect.

New treatment for cancer

Israel’s Rosetta Genomics has received a US patent for its miR-34 treatments of p53-negative cancers including lymphoma, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer, skin cancer, certain types of lung cancer, and others.

A better test for prostate cancer

Israeli founded Cleveland Diagnostics (CDX) is developing a technology and test kit that can eradicate inconclusive prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests. CDX says it will save the $4000 cost per negative biopsy, currently necessary in 70% of current testing.

And another one

Israel’s Micromedic Technologies (part of Israel’s Bio-Light Life Sciences) reported positive results in a trial of its prostate cancer diagnosis solution. Its CellDetect technology was used to diagnose samples from 18 patients and healthy subjects, and both groups were accurately diagnosed.

Another step forward in fighting melanoma

Almost a year ago, Tel Aviv University researchers found what triggers melanoma cells to become malignant tumors in the brain. Now they have uncovered an early warning of that event by detecting the brain’s inflammatory response to microscopic invading tumor cells.

Upgraded spine surgery robots

Israel’s Mazor Robotics has launched FDA-approved Mazor X, “a transformative platform for spine surgeries”. Mazor’s current range guides surgeons in spine operations. The new platform also helps planning through to verification. Israel’s Medtronic has already bought 15.

Snack vegetables to replace fast foods

Israel’s Origene Seeds is developing a range of snack vegetables which aim to replace fast food snacks. The “Sweet Drops” mini-size cucumbers and peppers have a long shelf-life and will be marketed in special packets as “Finger Food” for work, school or leisure.



Israel’s first deaf EMT

Nechama Loebel, deaf since birth, has become the first deaf person to successfully become an Emergency Medical Technician in Israel. She works for United Hatzalah and will be provided with alternate solutions to the audible stimuli that are necessary to properly treat injured and sick people at the scenes of medical emergencies.

The first woman in charge of a power plant

Rinat Avrahami Karniel is the first woman in Israel to become a power plant director. She has been appointed head of Ashkelon’s Rutenberg Power Station – one of the two largest in Israel. Rinat has two master’s degrees and has worked for Israel Electric for 20 years.,7340,L-4828023,00.html

Druze officer heads IDF Medical Corps

The IDF has named Dr. Badar Tarif from Israel’s Druze Arab minority as its most senior medical official. Dr Tarif will be promoted to Brigadier General and take up the post of IDF Chief Medical Officer. It is the first time a Druze will hold the position.

The world’s first blood bank for birds

Israel’s Wildlife Hospital has opened a blood bank for birds that arrive injured to the country during migration. Hospital veterinarians realized that they could better treat the birds if they had a blood bank for them because, much like humans, birds have different blood types.,7340,L-4824947,00.html

Israel opens border for Syrian humanitarian aid

For the first time since the Syrian civil war began, Israel has formally opened its border for delivering humanitarian aid into Syria. Moti Kahana, founder of Israeli NGO Amaliah, said that medicines, food and schoolbooks are transferred into a “Safe Zone” around Quneitra.

Global diplomacy improvements

A summary of Israel’s improving relations with Africa, Latin America, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Russia and Turkey. And excellent defense, security and intelligence cooperation with the USA.

Growing cooperation with Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is likely to be the chief beneficiary of the free trade zone that Israel entered into in Nov 2015 with the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). Israel imports over $1.4 billion worth of goods from Kazakhstan each year. Security cooperation is also at its highest level.

Technion students take selfie from space

Students in International Space University’s Space Studies Program at Israel’s Technion Institute had a group selfie photo. It was taken from a height of 520 kilometers by the EROS-B satellite, built by Israel Aerospace Industries and operated by Israel’s ImageSat International.



Israeli medals at Physics and Math Olympiads

Israel was 19th of the 87 countries competing in the Physics Olympiad in Zurich, winning 3 silver medals and a bronze. Israel was ranked 22nd among 109 countries that took part in the Mathematical Olympiad in Hong Kong, winning 3 silver and 3 bronze medals.

Genome mapped of durum wheat

Israel’s NRGene made a major contribution to completion of the project to assemble the 12 billion base pairs of durum wheat genome – the source of semolina, the key ingredient of pasta. It will result in better varieties of durum wheat – one of the world’s major food sources.

A concrete bench from a paper mold

Israel’s Skitza Print have used their Israeli Highcon Euclid digital cutting machine to produce a 4000-layer mold from recycled paper for a spectacular two-meter bench (entitled Morpheus) made from Israeli Eco-concrete. The bench is being exhibited in Taipei until mid-August.

A trap for the hacker

Israeli cybersecurity firm Cymmetria uses deception to lead computer hackers into thinking they have the upper hand. Cymmetria uses decoys and “digital breadcrumbs” to lure the hacker to its “MazeRunner” platform where they are detected and analyzed.

Transforming soil for building roads

Israel’s I-Tec-W holds a patent in 96 countries for its Zymtec soil stabilization technology that allows roads and buildings to be built ecologically. The “Israelite” technology is currently being tested by Kenya in order to help construct 3,500 km of new road infrastructure.

The diamond business goes hi-tech

In May, Israel’s OGI Systems launched OGI Maximus – the first-in-the-world innovative scanner system for easily measuring extra-large rough diamonds. Then in June, it announced OGI Solico – the first “magic box” that plans and then cuts rough diamonds.

Water difference

There is a lovely quote in Rowan Jacobsen’s latest article, inspired by his visit to Israel’s (and the world’s) largest water desalination plant at Sorek. “A few miles from here (Syria) water disappeared and civilization crumbled. Here, a galvanized civilization created water from nothingness.”

Drip irrigation to save mushroom industry

Israeli water specialist Netafim has developed Mushroom Master – the world’s first drip irrigation system for mushrooms. It reduces reliance on expensive heavy peat casing soil to hold large amounts of water. Underground irrigation also avoids bacterial infestation.

Plants can take risks

A study by scientists at Israel’s Tel-Hai College and UK’s Oxford University found that pea plants will risk putting down roots into pots containing varying amounts of nutrients. They will take the “gamble” when their only other growth medium contains low amounts of nutrients.

Another power plant for South Africa

Israel’s Rioglass Solar has won a 70 million-shekels contract to provide receivers for a 100MW thermo-solar power plant to be built in South Africa. It is Rioglass’s 3rd power plant project in South Africa. Israel’s Brenmiller won a 4th project in June.

High speed wi-fi over the Niagara

Hornblower Niagara Cruises – the official Canadian Tour Boat operator in Niagara Falls – has deployed RADWIN’s FiberinMotion® mobility solution to provide high-speed wireless connectivity onboard its boats.



US invests in Israeli emergency response

The Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial R&D (BIRD) Foundation is to invest $1.9 million in 2 new projects to foster advanced technologies for First Responders. The program was established by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Israeli Ministry of Public Security.

How to get things moving

Movir is Israel’s first and only moving app. Need to move one or multiple items from one location to another? Use Movir – it’s as easy as ordering a taxi.

Low cost way to move money to Israel

Joseph Sokol’s startup, OlehPay, is a payments website that enables users to inexpensively transfer dollars to Israeli shekel bank accounts. It is free for debit cards and makes no charge to the recipient. It claims to beat the rate consumers get from many financial institutions.

Italian energy company starts Tel Aviv hub

Italy’s Enel, a multinational energy producer, has opened the first and the largest innovation hub to be launched by an Italian company in Israel. The hub will foster up to 20 startups in technologies from cyber security to big data, smart metering, digital technology and analytics.

Ebay buys another Israeli startup

Ebay has made another Israeli investment, acquiring SalesPredict, maker of technology that is able to track consumer behavior and preferences when shopping online. Some of SalesPredict’s employees will move to eBay’s Israeli Development Center in Netanya.

Israel buys services on Israeli satellites

The State of Israel is paying $63 million over five years to Israel’s Spacecom Satellite Communications for communications services on its Amos satellites. Israel has an option to extend the contract for another eight years at a cost of an additional $101 million.

Sorek power plant begins operations

Israel’s Sorek desalination plant will produce cheaper water thanks to a new local ($200 million, 140MW) power plant fueled by natural gas from Israel’s Tamar gas fields. The power plant will additionally fuel local factories.

Keeping an eye on Uruguay

Israel’s Elbit Systems is to provide a Safe District project for the Maldonado District Administration in Uruguay. It includes a command and control system, plus over 1000 cameras and sensors, including vehicle traffic control, spanning 2000 sq. km across six municipal authorities.

Travel accelerator is launched

In May 2015, El Al began its “Cockpit” hub to help entrepreneurs develop solutions for the travel industry. Now it has launched Navigator – an accelerator program for those startups.



Top 10 fashion schools

Israel’s Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art was ranked 9th in’s annual survey of the world’s best fashion schools. The survey gauged tuition costs, alumni success, student feedback, faculty quality, training, social life, career counseling and financial aid options.

Jerusalem of Gold

Naomi Shemer’s classic song with some outstanding video scenery.

Kenyan marathon runner competes for Israel

Kenyan-born marathoner Lonah Chemtai is to compete for Israel at the Rio Olympics. Chemtai grew up a rural village in western Kenya and first came to Israel in 2009 to care for the children of her country’s ambassador to Israel.

Running for an Olympic medal

Israel’s Donald Sanford won the bronze medal in the 400 meters’ sprint at the European Athletics Championship in 2014. He is proud to represent Israel at the Rio Olympics.

Israel’s swimming team

Yakov Yan Toumarkin and Amit Ivry are two of Israel’s best hopes for swimming medals at the Rio Olympics.

European silver in triple-jump

Israeli triple jumper Hanna Knyazyeva-Minenko became only the second Israeli ever to win a medal at the European Athletics Championships, claiming a silver in Amsterdam. She fouled in five of her six attempts, but in one she leaped 14.51 meters – her best result of the season.

Another rhythmic gymnastics gold

Israel won the gold medal in the ribbons event at the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG) World Cup Final in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Baku, Azerbaijan. In addition, Israel won silver in the important group all-around category.



Academic excellence for Israeli orphans

Colel Chabad – Israel’s longest continuously running charitable organization – has awarded another 85 orphaned students with scholarships (and funds) for academic excellence at a ceremony in Jerusalem.

Summer fun for children with cancer

Scenes from last year’s summer activities that Israeli charity Ezer Mizion organized for children suffering from cancer.

More mosaics found in ancient Galilee synagogue

Archaeologists have uncovered mosaics depicting prominent Bible scenes during excavations in June of the 5th Century synagogue at Huqoq, in Israel’s Lower Galilee. The scenes include Noah’s ark and the splitting of the Sea of Reeds.

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