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Israel wastewater recycling

Israel recycles 85 percent of its wastewater; Israel’s Articoolo has developed an algorithm that generates unique, proof-read, high-quality textual content from scratch – simulating a real human writer, and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



Water recycling technologies

Recent video showing how Israel recycles 85 percent of its wastewater.

Writing articles automatically

Israel’s Articoolo has developed an algorithm that generates unique, proof-read, high-quality textual content from scratch – simulating a real human writer. It enables anyone who needs content to purchase articles online for a fraction of the price they used to pay.


Wave power for Gibraltar

Israel’s Eco Wave Power has completed the construction and entered the testing phase of its first commercial scale wave power plant in Gibraltar. The $5 million, 5 Megawatt plant is expected to produce 15 percent of Gibraltar’s electricity within two years.

TV ad with fast delivery

Israel’s Dov-e and Gett have teamed up with Coca-Cola Israel, to demonstrate fast response to a TV ad. Dov-e receives an ultrasound signal from the TV ad and activates a smartphone app. If the owner responds, the drinks are delivered within the hour by a taxi from Israel’s Gett.

Solving critical production issues

Israel’s Takipi transforms computer logs into real-time intelligence for IT support teams to solve critical production issues really quickly. Takipi has just raised $15 million of funding.

BBC features Israeli water technology

The BBC World Service “Elements” series praised Israel’s success in desalination, drip irrigation and water recycling during its second episode on “Hydrogen (water)”. Listen from 13 mins 30 secs.


Silencing that annoying satnav

Car satellite navigation (satnav) systems can be distracting and dangerous. Israel’s Cellepathy has developed Ergo, which uses sensors, cameras and artificial intelligence to turn off the satnav when the driver doesn’t need it. Cellepathy won the ConnecteDriver 2016 Auto App Challenge.

Nanotechnology Innovation of the Year

Israel’s Melodea won the Nanotechnology Innovation of the Year Award at NanoIsrael 2016 in Tel Aviv. Melodea has developed technology to extract nano-crystalline cellulose (NCC) – an important new material – from the waste products of the paper industry.


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