Good News Israel Archive from the week of May 1, 2016: Surgeons at Israel’s Soroka Medical Center successfully unblocked veins in the brain of a 56-year-old woman suffering from serious cerebral venous thrombosis; An Israeli delegation to the Philippines is promoting irrigation technology to cut costs and make water use by farmers more efficient, and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



Doctors save woman with brain thrombosis

Surgeons at Israel’s Soroka Medical Center successfully unblocked veins in the brain of a 56-year-old woman suffering from serious cerebral venous thrombosis. The rare, complex catheterization procedure involved the removal of a number of large blood clots.

Israeli doctors save Gazan child from paralysis

Doctors at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem removed a tumor from the spine of a 3-year-old Palestinian Arab boy from Gaza to prevent him from becoming paralyzed. The unique six-hour surgery involved stretching the boy’s spine and removing a vertebra.

US approval for skin cancer detection

The US FDA has approved the DermaCompare melanoma (skin cancer) diagnosis system developed by Israel’s Emerald Medical (formally DermaCare). The smartphone app enables tele-dermatology to detect possible melanomas and save lives.

Better communications in ER

Soroka Medical Center has implemented a new and unique SMS service for the 230,000 patients that visit its Emergency Room (ER) each year. Patients receive texts including names of the doctor and nurse assigned, progress of their blood test, and doctor’s decision (hospitalization or discharge).

One of the top 100 Ophthalmologists

Israel’s Professor Anat Lowenstein was selected in the top 100 most influential people in the world of ophthalmology by Ophthalmologist Magazine. It noted that “her contribution to, and influence in the field of medical and surgical retina cannot be underestimated.”

Better dental implants

Israel’s Magdent has developed an electromagnetic-based technology that could speed up the process and improve bone quality in patients who are having trouble getting their implants in place. After animal trials, a human study is now necessary.

No heart problems with IVF

A huge 25-year study of almost 100,000 women by researchers at Ben Gurion University and Soroka University Medical Center has concluded that fertility treatment has no cardiovascular risk to mothers. 4,153 women receiving fertility therapies were compared to 95,138 who conceived naturally.



Women lead the way at Soroka

At Soroka Medical Center, women are in charge of Infectious Diseases, Women’s Ultrasound, At Risk Mother & Child unit, Respiratory clinic, Interventional neurology, Opthalmology, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric unit, Geriatric medicine, Neonatology, Pathology and more.’sDay8.3.16.aspx

Where women build startups

WMN is a co-work space and ecosystem for women entrepreneurs. In a spacious compound at the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Port, it is helping women to start their first business by themselves.

Christian leader to light Independence Day torch

Father Gabriel Nadaf, a Greek Orthodox priest and leader of the Aramean Christian community in Israel, has been selected this year to light a torch at the Israeli Independence Day torch ceremony under the category of “civil heroism.”

More help for Israeli-Arab startups

The Hybrid accelerator and Made In Jerusalem brought 15 Arab entrepreneurs from Nazareth and East Jerusalem to meet top figures in the Israeli tech ecosystem. They spoke with Jewish entrepreneurs and pitched their ideas to prospective investors.

Saving Syrian lives

Next door to the war raging in Syria, doctors at the Galilee Medical Center are showing the true character of Israel. When they say that ‘Israel is a light unto the nations’, this is what they mean…

Rescuing the Cypriot economy

In 2013 Cyprus was in financial crisis. It had become insolvent as no-one was paying property taxes. Then Israel’s Ofek Aerial Photos undertook a project to provide an aerial map of the country. Ofek’s technology enabled Cyprus to correctly assess the taxes due on real estate in the country.

Israeli tech saves Turkish soldiers

An Israeli upgrade on a US-made M60T tank used by Turkish military forces in Mosul saved the tank’s crew from a missile attack by Da’esh (ISIS) terrorists. The tank was hit by a 129K9 Kornet anti-tank guided missile, but it did not explode.

Field hospital in Ecuador

Israeli humanitarian aid organization IsraAID has set up a field hospital in Canoa, Ecuador. It has been treating victims of the Ecuador magnitude-7.8 earthquake since Apr 23. In addition to its medical aid, the humanitarian volunteers have also set up child-friendly spaces.

10-year visa agreement with China

Israel and China have signed an agreement to issue mutual multiple-entry visas valid for 10 years. Israel is only the third country (after the USA and Canada) to have such an arrangement. China’s Hainan Airlines is shortly to commence direct flights between Beijing and Tel Aviv.

This is my Earth

A special event at the Knesset launched a new global network to protect critical ecological habitats. This Israeli initiative raises funds and allows everyone on the planet to participate in the purchase of environmental hot-spots, such as threatened areas of Brazilian rainforest.

90 species of endangered plants grow in Israel

An Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) survey and mapping project over the last two years has determined that Israel meets international standards on biodiversity protection. Israel has 90 species of endangered plants, 28 being unique to Israel or the countries that surround it.

Cleaning up Charleston

In Jan 2014, the Elk River – the main water source for Charleston, West Virginia, USA was contaminated with toxic waste, forcing a water crisis and shutting down several businesses. Israeli experts went into action, advising on how to alleviate the problem and prevent future similar situations.



Wave power for Gibraltar

Israel’s Eco Wave Power has completed the construction and entered the testing phase of its first commercial scale wave power plant in Gibraltar. The $5 million, 5 Megawatt plant is expected to produce 15 percent of Gibraltar’s electricity within two years.

Writing articles automatically

Israel’s Articoolo has developed an algorithm that generates unique, proof-read, high-quality textual content from scratch – simulating a real human writer. It enables anyone who needs content to purchase articles online for a fraction of the price they used to pay.

TV ad with fast delivery

Israel’s Dov-e and Gett have teamed up with Coca-Cola Israel, to demonstrate fast response to a TV ad. Dov-e receives an ultrasound signal from the TV ad and activates a smartphone app. If the owner responds, the drinks are delivered within the hour by a taxi from Israel’s Gett.

Solving critical production issues

Israel’s Takipi transforms computer logs into real-time intelligence for IT support teams to solve critical production issues really quickly. Takipi has just raised $15 million of funding.

Water recycling technologies

Recent video showing how Israel recycles 85 percent of its wastewater.

BBC features Israeli water technology

The BBC World Service “Elements” series praised Israel’s success in desalination, drip irrigation and water recycling during its second episode on “Hydrogen (water)”. Listen from 13 mins 30 secs.

Silencing that annoying satnav

Car satellite navigation (satnav) systems can be distracting and dangerous. Israel’s Cellepathy has developed Ergo, which uses sensors, cameras and artificial intelligence to turn off the satnav when the driver doesn’t need it. Cellepathy won the ConnecteDriver 2016 Auto App Challenge.

Nanotechnology Innovation of the Year

Israel’s Melodea won the Nanotechnology Innovation of the Year Award at NanoIsrael 2016 in Tel Aviv. Melodea has developed technology to extract nano-crystalline cellulose (NCC) – an important new material – from the waste products of the paper industry.



Agro-tech delegation to the Philippines

An Israeli delegation to the Philippines is promoting irrigation technology to cut costs and make water use by farmers more efficient. The companies are Agrotop, Bermad, BioFishency, Eshet Eilon, Metzerplas Cooperative, Netafim, ShneorSeed, and Tefen Flow and Dosing Technologies.

More incubators

Israel’s Chief Scientist has licensed two new technological incubators. MedX in Or Yehuda will invest in the fields of medical devices, combined medicine and digital health for operations, diagnostics and treatment. eHealth Ventures in Modi’in Illit will focus on investments in digital health.

Integrating the workforce

Kemach is unique project in the North of Israel, that gives the country’s ultra-orthodox a crucial first step on the career ladder. Kemach helps get haredi men into employment using training, job placements, mentoring and aptitude tests,

R&D agreement with New South Wales

Australia’s New South Wales government has signed an industrial Research & Development agreement with Israel that will team up companies to co-develop and commercialize innovative products. R&D areas include cyber-security, water management and agricultural technology.

America’s favorite coconut drink

Israel’s Ira Liran cofounded Vita Coco, a globally successful coconut-water business. The company has 10 manufacturing facilities in eight tropical countries, which altogether utilize two million coconuts daily.

More chips for China

Israel’s TowerJazz will be manufacturing more integrated circuits for Chinese chipmaker 3Peak – thanks to TowerJazz’s new factory in Japan. TowerJazz produces all of 3Peak’s products.



300,000 tour Israel on one day

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis flocked to Israel’s parks and beaches on the last full day of Chol HaMoed Pesach (the Intermediate Days of Passover). Most popular were Caesarea, Eshkol National Park, Ein Gedi, Einot Tzukim, Ashkelon National Park, Beit Guvrin, and Me’erat HaNetifim.

Promoting Israeli art to the Netherlands

KunstenIsrael (Dutch for “Art and Israel”) is an independent foundation that encourages Dutch culture venues to show the work of Israeli artists. The organization brings museum directors, curators, presenters and journalists to Israel to get a first-hand taste of the cultural scene.

Israeli jazz goes global

Israeli saxophonist Eli Degibri has taken time off from organizing August’s popular Red Sea International Jazz Festival in Eilat, to play with some of the world’s finest musicians at the White House on the United Nations’ International Jazz Day on April 30.

Israel’s largest sea festival

The largest water sports festival in Israel took place at the Tel Aviv Marina. Sailors, surfers, kayakers, SUP boarders, swimmers and marine fans participated in the Sail Tel Aviv-Yafo Passover holiday event.

Israel’s first female Olympic wrestler

Ilana Kratysh will be the first-ever Israeli woman to compete in the wrestling events at the Olympic Games after winning the World Qualification Tournament in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Second place in Formula race

Israeli race car driver Roy Nissany finished in second place in the Formula One world V8 3.5 Series championship, which took place at Hungaroring in Budapest, Hungary. Driving a Lotus, Nissany also set the fastest lap time.

Israeli is new World Junior figure skater

18-year-old Israeli skater Daniel Samohin wowed judges and the audience alike at the 2016 World Junior Figure Skating Championships in Debrecen, Hungary when he pulled off three quads to vault himself from ninth place to the gold medal – Israel’s first ever ISU title.



Low suicide rate and getting lower

Israel’s suicide rate is the second lowest compared to 28 European countries.,7340,L-4795316,00.html

Was this Joseph’s seal?

A birdwatcher at Tel Dor on Israel’s Carmel Coast has found a rare scarab seal of a senior Egyptian official of the Thirteenth Pharaonic Dynasty (the 18th-17th centuries BCE). It has the phrase “overseer the treasury” – the position occupied by the Biblical Joseph after he interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams.

Jewish symbols on ancient Egyptian temple

Two Star of David engravings have been discovered in an ancient Temple in the southern Egyptian city of Aswan. The Roman Temple, which dates back to the 3rd century B.C, is located in the Elephantine Island in Aswan.

The oldest Haggadah

Remnants of one of the world’s oldest surviving Passover haggadahs (text of the Passover seder service) discovered in the Cairo Genizah, are currently on display at the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem. The haggadah, hand-scribed on parchment, dates from the 12th century CE.

Widespread literacy in ancient Israel

Tel Aviv University researchers have discerned that literacy during the First Temple period existed throughout all levels of the administrative, military and priestly systems of the Kingdom of Judah. 16 ancient Hebrew inscriptions unearthed in Arad were written by at least six authors.


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