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The new heads-up display from Israel’s Elbit has been featured on Israeli Channel 2 TV; Intel has announced its most advanced, next-level Core processor, named Kaby Lake, developed by Israeli engineers, and much more. 

By: Michael Ordman


Enabling pilots to see through the fog

The new heads-up display from Israel’s Elbit has been featured on Israeli Channel 2 TV. The system uses special cameras to analyze wavelengths of light and project clear images onto a pilot’s goggles despite inclement weather.

Intel Israel develops 7th generation microprocessor

Intel has announced its most advanced, next-level Core processor, named Kaby Lake. Its development was led by Intel’s Haifa facility, with the promise of a double-digit rise in computer performance, longer battery life and better security.

Detecting criminal behavior

BioCatch has launched “Criminal Behavior” that can distinguish between the actions of a genuine user and a hacker by (for example) how quickly they respond to a security question (e.g. date of birth).

New railway line completed

Israel Railways has completed the Jezreel Valley railway between Haifa and Beit Shean. The railway revives the line first built by the Ottoman Turks in the late 19th century and closed by the British in 1946. It will ease the commute to Haifa Bay and also become a tourist attraction.

24 solutions for California’s drought

The Israeli Economy Ministry’s NewTech program brought 24 Israeli companies to the Israel-California Water Conference in San Diego to offer water storage, management, treatment, recycling and leak detection solutions.


Transportation solution is up in the air

Here is the latest news about Israel’s SkyTran – the magnetic levitation monorail that will whisk commuters to work at speeds of up to 250km per hour high above congested roads. I’m looking forward to its installation in Netanya in the not-too-distant future.

Turning the tables on the bad guys

Israeli cybersecurity company GuardiCore helps shut security breaches in data centers. It also eliminates “false-positives”, vastly speeding up problem analysis. Guardicore has just raised $50 million to help R&D and expand its commercial reach.

An app to make work simpler

Israel’s Capriza puts your company’s core applications onto your smartphone, making it easy to do business inside and outside your organization. Capriza has just raised $23 million in new funding to support its growing momentum and rapid customer adoption.

Mega Internet speeds for Ghana and Angola

AfricaOnline Ghana has selected and deployed the JET 3.5 GHz Point-to-Multipoint broadband solution from Israel’s Radwin to cover the capital Accra and then Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale. Meanwhile, Internet Technologies Angola (ITA) has deployed a national network using RADWIN’s Point-to-MultiPoint solutions.

Never leave your child in the car

The BaPeep car alarm reminds you to take your baby out of the car. Israel’s 2Find, however, is a small chip you can put on the baby. Too much distance between the baby and the parent and it sends an alert to the mobile phone of the parent.

A Master’s in wine cultivation

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is launching an international MSc program in viticulture and enology. The first of its kind in Israel, the program aims to provide professional training in the growth, production, analysis and management of wine.



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