Nathalie Half founded Israeli startup Museloop when her children stopped joining her on her museum visits; The Dan bus company is to run five new entirely electric buses on its No.4 route in Tel Aviv, and much more.

The new heads-up display from Israel’s Elbit has been featured on Israeli Channel 2 TV; Intel has announced its most advanced, next-level Core processor, named Kaby Lake, developed by Israeli engineers, and much more.

Israel’s Anagog, developer of the world’s largest crowdsourced parking network, won the ‘Best Mobile Innovation in Automotive Award’ at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and Israeli job-matching start-up Woo matches the right people with the right job.

Israel’s Economy Ministry has opened 19 employment centers, placing thousands of Arabs, including many Bedouin women. A new town will employ special needs adults alongside regular workers.

Over 3,500 years ago, Moses demanded of the Egyptian Pharaoh to “let my people go”. Today, Moses would be proud of the lengths to which the modern Jewish nation goes to benefit humanity.