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While global honeybee populations have declined, Israeli bees are holding steady; Israeli scientists have identified a genetic mechanism in apricots that controls temperature sensitivity, and much more. 

By: Michael Ordman


Israeli bees are doing OK

While global honeybee populations have declined, Israeli bees are holding steady. Reasons include Israeli research into Colony Collapse Disorder, boosting bee immune systems, developing nectar-rich plants, Israeli Honey Board support for beekeepers, eradicating Varroa mites and planting 100,000 seedlings to give bees a varied diet. http://www.israel21c.org/how-israel-is-saving-the-honeybees/

Heat-resistant apricots

Israeli scientists at Israel’s Agricultural Research Organization (better known as the Volcani Institute) have identified a genetic mechanism in apricots that controls temperature sensitivity. Starting with apricots, they are now developing varieties of crops that thrive in temperatures where previously they couldn’t even grow.


Sidekix expands to 60 cities

Israeli urban on-foot iPhone navigation app Sidekix was previously available in just 15 cities. Today it can be used in 60 cities in the US, UK, Europe and Israel and is growing at a rate of about five cities per month. An Android version is also planned.

The world’s smartest building

Intel Israel is building what it claims will be the world’s smartest building. The 34,000-square-meter R&D center in Petach Tikva will contain thousands of smart sensors to control security, lighting, climate, recycling, parking, presentations, restaurants and coffee for 2500 employees.

Helping build a smart city in Kenya

Tel Aviv municipality has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Kenya to collaborate on the $14.5 billion development of Konza – a new “techno city” in south-eastern Kenya. Kenyans will train at three Tel Aviv Global initiatives.


Artificially Intelligent marketing

Israeli marketing analytics developer Datorama provides an end-to-end marketing analytics solution for business users. Its Marketing Integration Engine uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connect online and offline data. Datorama has just raised $32 million to fund more R&D.

Add any A/C appliance onto the Internet

Israel’s Sensibo allows you to control your air-conditioning from any location. Now it has launched Sensibo Inside that allows OEMs and distributors to turn any A/C appliance into a smart IoT (Internet of Things) device.

Less air and water pollution

Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection has reported reductions of up to 52% in the emissions of air pollutants by 540 of the biggest enterprises in Israel between 2012-2015. The flow of pollutants into the Mediterranean also dramatically decreased between 2012-2015.


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