The Cusper. (Cuspa Medical) Cuspa Medical

A new medical device developed in Israel eliminates the need for invasive open heart surgery.

By United with Israel Staff

Heart disease remains one of the most pervasive health challenges facing society, despite significant advances in open heart surgery and other treatments.

These approaches can be effective in treating valvular heart disease, which prevents heart valves from fully opening and closing properly. Unfortunately, surgery requires lengthy rehabilitation and can result in infections and other dangerous outcomes.

In a significant medical breakthrough, a new device developed in Israel by Cuspa Medical could eliminate the need for open heart surgery.

The tiny artificial cusp, or Cusper as it is called, attaches to heart valves and “reduces the backflow of blood to the heart’s chamber,” reported Israeli tech blog NoCamels.

“The artificial cusp is attached to the heart valve with a metal grasper. Unlike open heart surgery, the procedure is minimally invasive, using a catheter through the groin,” added the NoCamels report.

The device grasps the valve to maintain the proper sized opening. Upon closure, it prevents blood leaks and back flow.

Currently, the Cusper is undergoing safety tests, with patents pending in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Established in 2019, Cuspa Medical has headquarters in northern Israel.