bomb intended for suicide bombing recovered in Nablus June 2024 (photo credit: Shin Bet) Photo credit: Shin Bet


Shin Bet: this operation ‘reveals the entrenchment of Hamas… in Turkey and its involvement in directing terror attacks in Israel.’

By Shula Rosen

On Monday, Israeli security forces arrested terrorists and foiled a planned suicide bombing attack directed by Hamas terror operatives in Turkey.

In Nablus, Shin Bet detained Anas Shurman, originally from Tulkarem in Samaria, who was living in Jordan, for his role in the planned attack.

After questioning, Shurman revealed he was recruited by Imad Abid, a Hamas terrorist originally from Judea and Samaria and who currently lives in Turkey.

Shurman was expected to carry out the suicide bombing in Israel proper.

The terrorist was given motorcycle lessons and instructions on how to collect a hidden explosive device on the way to the scene of the would-be attack.

Shin Bet also recovered a 12 kg (26.5-pound explosive device) with written instructions from its hiding place in Samaria.

Shin Bet arrested five additional terrorists located in Nablus responsible for making and hiding the explosive device.

Shurman was charged with “attempting to intentionally cause death” as well as belonging to a terror organization.

The agency said its investigation “reveals the entrenchment of Hamas… in Turkey and its involvement in directing terror attacks in Israel.”

Senior Hamas leaders planned to establish a military base and terror cells in Turkey and neighboring countries, according to secret papers discovered by the Israeli army.

The UK outlet The Times reported that documents were found in a home belonging to Hamas mastermind Yahya Sinwar’s chief of staff, detailed the establishment of “many military cells and safe houses in many countries,” including Turkey and other nations in the region.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long maintained warm relations with Hamas, expressing that he does not view the group as a terror organization.

Erdogan hosted Qatar-based Hamas politburo head Ismail Haniyeh in Istanbul, with the Turkish president placing the blame for the current fighting in the Strip entirely on Israel.

A number of Hamas terrorists wounded in battle with the IDF are currently being treated in Turkish hospitals.


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