Two Israelis, apparently the latest victims of Palestinian Arab terror, were run down by a car in Jerusalem on the eve of Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.

An Israeli man, Shalom Cherki, was killed and a woman critically wounded in an apparent terror attack in Jerusalem on Wednesday night on the eve of the Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day.

He was buried today, on Holocaust memorial Day. The woman, a 20-year-old, is in critical condition and fighting for her life.

At the funeral, Shalom’s father, Rabbi Uri Cherki, said that his son saved the woman standing next to him. “Go dear son, it is not difficult because your noble soul is ascending straight to the King of Peace.”

Shalom Cherki is the brother of Israeli Channel 2 News reporter Yair Cherki and the son of prominent Orthodox Rabbi Uri Cherki. Shalom Cherki worked as a tour guide in ‘Masa Israel’, a program that strengthens Jewish, Zionist and Israeli identity among Israeli teenagers and soldiers. He was also a counselor at the Bnei-Zvi Yeshiva in Beit-El.

The driver, Khaled Kutina, 37, from Jerusalem, was lightly wounded and taken to hospital for treatment. He was later arrested by the Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency), which is working to determine if the incident was in fact a terror attack or a car accident. The suspect has no prior security-related history.

The Shin Bet believes the attack was in fact a terror attack, but the suspect is denying this, saying it was an accident caused by heavy rain.

French Hill, the neighborhood in Jerusalem where the incident occurred, has been the site of several vehicular terror attacks. In March, on Purim, an Arab drove his car into a group of Israelis, wounding six. The terrorist was shot and killed by security forces.

In November, an Arab ran his truck into Israelis, killing one border police officer and injuring 13 people. He, too, was eliminated by Israeli security forces.

In October, two Israelis, including a three-month-old baby, were run down and murdered by an Arab terrorist.

By: Max Gelber
Staff Writer, United with Israel

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