A local terrorist group, Jaish-Ul-Hind, claims responsibility for the minor explosion that took place on Jan. 29. A note found at the scene hints that the failed attack was a prelude to others.


In an apparent revenge attack, the Hezbollah terror organization detonated an explosive charge against IDF forces operating on the northern border. No Israelis were injured. The IDF responded with artillery fire.

Israeli special forces

In a clear message to Palestinian terrorists that Israel will chase them down everywhere, Israeli forces raided a hospital in Hebron and arrested a terrorist who was wounded while stabbing an Israeli civilian two weeks ago.

Terror Strikes Crown Heights in New York with Two Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes

Two Jewish men were attacked in Crown Heights, New York in what appears to be anti-Semitic hate crimes, prompting the announcement of a reward for information leading to the capture of the perpetrators.