An IDF soldier was murdered and 9 others were injured in an attack by an Arab terrorist in Beersheba central bus station.

According to Israeli police spokesperson, an Arab terrorist entered the central bus station in the southern city of Beersheba and began shooting and stabbing bystanders. The attacker was armed with both a pistol and rifle as well as blades according to initial reports and opened fire in two different points in the terminal.

Israel National News reported that the terrorist shot a soldier and killed him, and then took his M-16 semiautomatic assault rifle and began firing it at a group of policemen, four of whom were injured.

Another man was also shot by security forces, in the belief that he was a terrorist. However, he apparently is an Eritrean infiltrator and he may not have had anything to do with the attack. Unfortunately the Eritrean died of his wounds.

Policemen at the scene have reported that they managed to shoot and kill the terrorist during the shootout.

Beersheba native, Eli Ben-Dahan, who is Israel’s Deputy Defense Minister has stated to the press that “the international community has a duty to fight against and stop the phenomenon of sedition and encouragement of terrorism by the heads of the Palestinian Authority.”

“Unfortunately, the terrorists aren’t stopping and we are only witnessing an escalation from knifing to mass shootings,” said Ben-Dahan.

Credit: Tazpit Press Services and Israel National News

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