Two Kuwaiti legislators declare Islam supports improved trade relations with Israel to benefit their nation.

Two Kuwaiti Parliament members, Hammad Al Dossari and Nabil Al Fadhl, took the rare step of not only acknowledging that trade and military ties exist between Israel and Kuwait, but actually praising Israel as a country. The Kuwaiti officials made these statements despite the pervasive anti-Israel sentiment in the Arab world at large and Israel’s lack of  formal diplomatic relations with Kuwait. The interview was aired on Al Adala TV and was translated into English by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

According to Al Fadhl, “If the security of Kuwait requires the purchase of Israeli equipment, I will do so, and I will love the Israelis for it. It is permitted to deal with anyone for the sake of Kuwait’s security.” The interviewer, appearing shocked, asked, “Even with Israelis?” Al Fadhl answered, “So what? We’re talking about my country’s security. How exactly did the Muslims benefit us, when our Arab neighbor [Iraq] invaded our country? I am willing to buy equipment from Israel to protect my country from its Arab and Muslim neighbor.”

Ad Fahl’s statement was made in the historical context of the first Gulf War, during which Iraq attacked Kuwait, committing innumerable atrocities against the Kuwaiti people and violating 16 international laws under the Geneva and Hague conventions. Kuwait did not receive military aid from neighboring Arab nations and the Iraqi invasion went unchecked until the U.S. intervened.

Al Dosari claimed, “The sharia permits us to have dealings with the Israelites. We follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad, who died while his shield was mortgaged with a Jew.” Al Dosari claimed Islamic critics who protest trade with Israel do so, “Because they are ignorant about the sharia. I tell you that the Prophet Muhammad had dealings [with the Jews]. You criticize me? Go criticize the Prophet Muhammad. A Muslim does not talk. He obeys the instructions of the Prophet Muhammad.”

Watch the video of the interview with the 2 Kuwaiti legislators:

By Rachel Avraham, staff writer for United with Israel