Al Qaeda's Osama bin Laden, right, and top deputy Ayman Al-Zawahri, left, in 2002. (AP Photo/MBC via APTN) AP Photo/MBC via APTN
Al Qaeda

These outlandish claims are even more disturbing because the person making them was identified as the Permanent Representative of the International Human Rights Council to the UN.

By United with Israel Staff

A United States special operations unit tracked down and assassinated the arch-terrorist Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, eliminating the al-Qaeda leader who oversaw the devastating 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in 2001.

On July 31, 2022, a U.S. operation in Afghanistan took out Bin Laden’s successor, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, in Afghanistan.

Despite the fact that the elimination of these terror masterminds is a matter of public record, Dr. Haissam Bou, Permanent Representative of the International Human Rights Council to the UN, recently claimed there is no proof that the U.S. killed Bin Laden or Al-Zawahiri.

In reality, the proof consists of eyewitness testimony related to both incidents, in addition to official confirmation from the U.S. government with regard to the fate of Bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri.

These individuals were responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans, to say nothing of the local populations al-Qaeda brutalizes in the countries where it operates.

Notwithstanding ample facts on the ground, Bou Said claimed in August on Iran’s Al-Alam TV (Iran) that there is no evidence that the U.S. assassinated Al-Zawahiri or Bin Laden, referring to reports of their deaths as “a political trick,” reported the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

He also intimated that U.S. President Joe Biden claimed that Al-Zawahiri was assassinated “to gain additional popularity,” mimicking an alleged similar ploy by former President Barack Obama, on whose watch Bin Laden was killed.

Bou Said’s outlandish claims are disturbing in and of themselves, however, they are even more disturbing in light of the fact that he was identified by MEMRI as the Permanent Representative of the International Human Rights Council to the United Nations.

At the beginning of August, the UN listed Bou Said as a participant of the “8th Session of the Group of Independent Eminent Experts on the Implementation of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action.”

The Durban Declaration and Programme of Action (DDPA) was the official document produced by the United Nations’ Durban Conference, “notorious for its scenes of shocking anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hate,” which “singled out only Palestinians for mention as supposed victims of ‘racism’ by Israel,” reported Bnai Brith International.

With “experts” like Bou Said, it’s no wonder that the UN’s shameful record of malice toward the Jewish state remains unchecked.



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