Palestinian terrorists prepare explosives with which to try to kill Israelis on the Gaza border. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90) Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90
Palestinian prepare explosives with which to try to kill Israelis on the Gaza border. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

Hamas’ violent riots on the Gaza-Israel border have provided cover for thousands of violent incidents, from shooting attacks to a massive arson terror campaign.

By: Associated Press and United with Israel Staff

Israel announced on Wednesday that in the year since the Hamas terror group launched its “March of Return” riots along the Israeli border, more than 2,000 violent incidents have emanated from the Gaza Strip

An Israeli statistical review published Wednesday found that Palestinians launched 1,233 rockets from Gaza, hurled 94 explosive devices and 600 Molotov cocktails across the security fence and committed 152 acts of arson against Israelis.

Rocket fire killed one Israeli and injured 126. Palestinian attacks on the security fence killed one Israeli soldier and wounded 16.

Palestinians have used incendiary kites to torch thousands of acres of Israeli farmland, inflicting over $9.5 million in damage.

Meanwhile, Hamas’ supreme leader made his first public appearance since terrorists in the Strip initiated a new round of cross-border violence with Israel this week.

Ismail Haniyeh on Wednesday visited the rubble of his Gaza City office, which was destroyed in an Israeli airstrike.

Haniyeh had been in hiding during the two-day flare-up of violence, which ended with an unofficial Egyptian-brokered cease-fire.

The fighting broke out after Palestinians launched a number of rockets from Gaza at Israeli civilians, one of which struck a home in central Israel and wounded seven people. Israel responded with dozens of airstrikes in Gaza, while Palestinian terrorists fired dozens more rockets into Israel.

Undeterred, Haniyeh urged Gazans to participate in mass violent riots along the Israel-Gaza border on Saturday marking the first anniversary of the beginning of the disturbances, during which Hamas has used human shields, including woman and children, to launch attacks on Israel.

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