Anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment was on full display at the Democratic National Convention when protesters burned an Israeli flag.

Protesters set an Israeli flag on fire and chanted “long live the intifada” outside of the Democratic convention site on Tuesday.

A woman wearing a black bandanna on her face lit the flag on fire Tuesday night as protests continued outside of the secure zone around the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Someone stood nearby waving a Palestinian flag.

Protesters also set pro-Bernie Sanders fliers on fire that were hanging on steel fencing around the site.

A US flag was also reportedly set on fire.

Officials tried to play down the incident as a singular event done by only a few.

Separate groups of Sanders supporters, protesters marching against police brutality and others joined together in the streets outside of the convention.

Protesters were chanting “… the DNC has got to go!” as Hillary Clinton became the first woman to claim the presidential nomination of a major US party.

Groups of Bernie Sanders supporters and other protesters watching large screens in a park near the Democratic convention site in Philadelphia chanted Tuesday evening as Clinton’s victory was sealed during a roll call of delegates.

The Sanders supporters continued cheering for the votes the Vermont senator received from delegates, even after Clinton claimed the nearly 2,400 she needed to seal the nomination.

By: AP and United with Israel Staff

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