A growing number of American Jews have reported being the subject of anti-Semitic harassment after the US elections. While some media outlets appear to insist that President-elect Donald Trump is directly responsible, Trump has disavowed the groups involved in spreading hatred and showing Nazi-style support.

During this past year, anti-Semitic imagery proliferated on social media, Jewish journalists were targeted and longstanding anti-Jewish conspiracy theories got a fresh airing. Much of the bias originated with the alt-right.

American Jews must get out and vote on Election Day if they want to continue to be heard by politicians on matters of concern to them, top US Jewish leader Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations said.

So far, the Democratic presidential nominee has accepted thousands of dollars from prominent Islamists, some of whom are alleged to have ties to terrorist organizations.

Recently, Donald Trump visited a church in Detroit where something unusual took place. Yes, one might say that something unusual takes place in many of Trump’s appearances. But it wasn’t something he did but, rather, something he received that created the buzz. Trump was given a traditional Jewish prayer shawl, a tallit. Hosting Trump, Bishop... Read more »

During what has become a highly contentious presidential campaign, controversy continues to swirl around Hillary Clinton's private email server she used during her position as secretary of state.

Israel is maintaining a strict policy of fairness and impartiality regarding the US elections, ensuring that Israeli officials do not appear to demonstrate favor for one candidate over another.

Former US President Bill Clinton, speaking at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, shared how Hillary copied a groundbreaking Israeli educational program, which then spread across America thanks to her efforts.

For Clinton, the interview indicates that the Justice Department's year-long probe is drawing to a close only four weeks before she is set to be formally nominated as the Democrats' choice to succeed President Barack Obama.

The two candidates' dramatically different proposals — as well as their contrasting styles — underscored the clear choice Americans face in the November election. Clinton's vision builds on President Barack Obama's approach, while Trump is calling for a drastically different national security posture.

A recent survey showed liberal Democrats are twice as likely to sympathize with Palestinians over Israel than they had been two years ago. Now, Bernie Sanders appointed Cornel West and James Zogby, who hope to insert their pro-Palestinian views into the Democratic platform.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump now plunge into a six-month battle for the presidency. While Clinton heads into the general election with significant advantages with minority voters and women, Democrats have vowed to not underestimate Trump as his Republican rivals did for too long.