ISIS has reportedly established a base of operations in Bosnia and is threatening the entire European continent with Islamic terror.

The Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization has established a secret stronghold and training base in mainland Europe, Britain’s Sunday Mirror reports.

Terrorists are secretly buying land in the isolated village of Osve in Bosnia, which is surrounded by deep woodland.

Security services say the base could be used for “devastating terror attacks on the West.”

The location, in proximity to the Mediterranean, gives ISIS strategic access to the European mainland.

At least 12 ISIS terrorists have reportedly trained in the village and left for Syria in recent months, and five are reported to have died while fighting for ISIS.

Terror expert Dzevad Galijasevic told the Mirror: “From this village a large number of people went to Syria and are going constantly. The chosen location of some of the properties is on a hill, where there is no possibility to approach without being seen. It is clear that the source of the terrorist threat is right there. It is a major threat. There is no one there who isn’t ready to respond to the summons to jihad.”

A Mirror reporter visited the remote location, which is difficult to access and appeared partly abandoned. “A number of villagers wore Islamic-style clothing, including two women wearing burkas,” he said, adding that he and his team felt threatened during the visit.

It is understood that notorious ISIS supporter Harun Mehicevic is among the ISIS members who bought land in the area. He has reportedly purchased two hectares.

Mehicevic fled Bosnia in the 1990s during the Balkan wars and settled in Melbourne, Australia, where he is considered one of the country’s most dangerous men.

Other known Muslim terrorists have joined the group at the secluded village.

One villager told the Mirror: “We regularly hear gunshots coming from the woods up there for long periods at a time. It happens every week.” He said he was considering leaving for fear of the terrorists.

Bosnia is considered a fairly comfortable setting for Islamic terror. Dozens of Bosnians have joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq and then returned home with battle experience. Bosnian security services are operating against the Muslim terrorists, but reports on Muslim terror indicate they are failing in their mission.  “There is a lack of co-ordination between local law-enforcement agencies on [foreign fighter] issues,” a report stated.

Kristina Jozic of the State Investigation and Protection Agency in Bosnia told the Mirror: “The return of individuals participating in the conflict in Syria, fighting with ISIS, is undoubtedly a security challenge and a threat, the extent of which is hard to determine.”

By: United with Israel Staff

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