A Western journalist had a close-up look at the ISIS kingdom of evil. He came back very frightened and wants the West to hear his story.   

The Islamic State (IS or ISIS) terror organization in Iraq and Syria is much more dangerous and powerful than the West realizes, German Journalist Jurgen Todenhöfer warns.

Todenhöfer was the first Western journalist to have a close-up encounter with ISIS. After months of trying to contact the notorious terror organization, he was finally granted permission for a 10-day visit in Mosul, Iraq, where ISIS had expelled Christians and Yazidis.

Todenhöfer plans to publish his experiences next week. In the meantime, he gave extensive interviews to the media.

He explained that ISIS’ ranks are growing exponentially. He told CNN that ISIS is “preparing the largest religious cleansing campaign the world has ever seen.”

‘These Are Not Stupid People’

Foreign fighters continue to flock to ISIS from around the world, he said, and “each day, hundreds of willing fighters arrive from all over the world. For me it is incomprehensible,” he told TZ, a German newspaper.

Todenhöfer explained that their moral was extremely high and that he noticed “an almost ecstatic enthusiasm that I have never encountered in any other war zone.”

“I just could not believe the glow in their eyes. They felt like they were coming to a promised land, like they were fighting for the right thing,” the journalist told CNN.

However, “these are not stupid people,” he continued. “One of the people we met had just finished his law degree, he had great job offers, but he turned them down to go and fight…. We met fighters from Europe and the United States. One of them was from New Jersey. Can you imagine a man from New Jersey traveling to fight for the Islamic State?”

Plans to Conquer Europe

An ISIS fighter told Todenhoefer that ISIS has plans to conquer Europe, no matter how many people they would have to kill to achieve their goal.

“Our expansion will be perpetual…. And the Europeans need to know that when we come, it will not be in a nice way. It will be with our weapons. And those who do not convert to Islam or pay the Islamic tax will be killed,” said another.

Regarding members of other religions, especially the Shi’ites, the terrorist, who hails from Europe, added, “150 million, 200 million or 500 million, it does not matter to us, we will kill them all.”

Todenhöfer believes that the campaign launched against ISIS by the U.S.-led coalition will fail. For the coalition to succeed, they would have to bomb Mosul to the ground, as the 5,000 ISIS fighters in Mosul alone are well entrenched. Not only is the coalition ineffective, but it is generating the opposite result, the journalist insists. “Every bomb that kills a civilian adds another fighter to ISIS,” he states.

One fighter summed up their drive and what he believes to be the reason for their victories, stating: “We fight for Allah. They [the opposing Iraqi forces] fight for money and other things that they do not really believe in.”

By: United with Israel Staff
(With files from CNN. For the full report click HERE)

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