ISIS shows mercy to no one. At least 100 were shot for deciding to leave. To all those who consider joining: Beware!

The Islamic State (IS or ISIS) terror organization has reportedly executed some 100 foreign fighters who had a change of heart after joining their ranks and tried to escape.

The foreigners were apparently trying to leave Raqqa, the ISIS stronghold in Syria, when caught by a special ISIS unit similar to the military police, tasked with capturing defectors.

The Financial Times reports that the “military police” raided several homes and made several arrests.

Muslims from Western countries have been flocking to fight with ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Some were appalled by the atrocities committed by the terror group and recanted on their decision to join.

AFP quotes British press report in October that five Britons, three French, two Germans and two Belgians wanted to return home after complaining that they had ended up fighting against other rebel groups rather than against Syrian President Assad’s regime. They were being held prisoner by ISIS, the Financial Times reports.

In all cases, ISIS does everything possible to prevent defection as it fears security breaches created by jihadists who return home and are arrested by the local security forces.

ISIS in Retreat?

AFP reports that since a U.S.-led coalition began a campaign of air strikes against ISIS in August, the terror organization has lost ground to local forces and incurred heavy losses in the fighting.

There has been a string of setbacks for ISIS forces in recent weeks, news stories indicate.

Americans troops have reportedly met ISIS fighters in battle for the first time, beating them down and sending them running. ISIS attempted to overrun the Ein al-Asad base last Sunday in a post-midnight attack, but U.S. support troops and advisers, together with local forces, killed an unknown number of the ISIS fighters and repelled the attack. The troops were supported during the battle by F18 fighter jets.

Iraqi Kurds claimed Thursday to have broken a siege on a mountain where Yazidi civilians and fighters have long been trapped. The Kurdish advances came during a two-day blitz in the Sinjar region involving 8,000 Peshmerga fighters and some of the heaviest air strikes since a U.S.-led coalition started its air campaign. Retreating, ISIS fighters reportedly left behind graffiti calling the Kurds “Israeli dogs,” Times of Israel reports.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced Thursday that several ISIS leaders were killed in U.S. air strikes.

By: United with Israel Staff

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