Hamas terrorist Bilal Cardi and equipment seized at a minor's home. (ISA) ISA
Hamas terror


The Israel Security Agency recently thwarted Hamas’ recruitment of minors to carry out an abduction plot in Judea and Samaria.

By Ezra Stone, United with Israel

On Monday, the Israel Security Agency (ISA), known as the Shin Bet, released information related to a successful operation related to Hamas’ recruitment of two Arab minors to “promote terrorist activity.”

Shin Bet agents detained the two suspects, one of whom was only 16, in October.

“Their investigation revealed that Hamas elements in the Gaza Strip had recruited them via the Internet,” said an official ISA statement.

“The link with a Gaza Strip-based Hamas infrastructure, composed of several Hamas officials, was conducted over various social media; it was frequent and was maintained for several months,” the ISA added.

A resident of the Gaza Strip named Bilal Cardi was behind the recruitment operation.

Cardi is “affiliated with the cyber unit of Hamas’s military arm” and he “located the minors and recruited them for Hamas.”

The Shin Bet noted, “The ISA investigation revealed that the minors were slated to receive weapons, ammunition, uniforms and money … [and] were asked to carry out various missions for Hamas including gathering intelligence about Israeli communities and shooting attacks.

“The two were also asked to initiate the abduction of someone from an Israeli community close to their place of residence. In gathering intelligence about Israeli communities, the two photographed the communities of Bat Ayin and Kfar Etzion, and passed along maps and gathering points for IDF forces in the area.”

In addition to the kidnapping plot, “The two also had some experience in making pipe bombs but had yet to make quality devices. Hamas promised that in return for their actions, the two would receive money and a commitment that Hamas in the Gaza Strip would take responsibility for their actions.”

Both suspects were indicted in November in the Judea District military juvenile court.

The Shin Bet concluded, “The investigation underscores the unbridled scope of Hamas’ efforts to advance terrorist attacks and infrastructures in Judea and Samaria by exploiting minors and harming their families.”



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