IN a video chat, PM-designate Benjamin Netanyahu congratulates Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud on his country's victory against Argentina at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. (Twitter/Screenshot) (Twitter/Screenshot)

Bibi and Tibi both took to Twitter to congratulate Saudi Arabia on winning a match with Argentina at the FIFA World Cup.

Benjamin Netanyahu posted a video on Twitter of his conversation with pro-Israel Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud in which the prime minister-designate praised the Saudi “victory” at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

“I congratulated my brother Mohammed Saud on the amazing victory of Saudi Arabia today in the World Cup, give ’em hell,” Netanyahu wrote.

“Argentina is a great soccer power, Messi is a great soccer player — this makes Saudi Arabia’s victory all the more impressive. Mazal tov,” he told Saud.

On this issue, MK Ahmad Tibi, who regularly incites against the Jewish state, was on the same page as Netanyahu.

“What an amazing thing, this win by the Saudi team over Argentina. An incredible performance, sacrifice, striving and triumph. The Saudi crowd is the 12th man. You’ve dazzled the whole world,” Tibi tweeted.

Watch Netanyahu’s amusing conversation with Saud. (It begins in Hebrew but quickly switches to English.)