Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists’ development of TXM peptides can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia in diabetics; Israeli startup Biotreat 21 has invented what it calls a miracle cream, claiming it could completely regrow damaged skin, and much more.

Israeli startup Intensix is trialing an Intensive Care Unit patient monitoring system, which gives an early warning of impending sepsis and organ failure that kills 30% of ICU patients, and scientists at Israel’s Technion have discovered how to use proteins to suppress unwanted gene activity.

Tel Aviv University Professor Itzhak Fried has completed his study of how memory neurons behave in real time. These have important implications for understanding dementia such as Alzheimer’s, and an Israeli developed the world’s first search engine for information about hospitals.

Dr. Shira Knafo discovered a small protein, which inhibits the processes normally associated with impairment, including depression and Alzheimer’s disease, and Israel’s Vigor Medical Technologies won the Innovex Disrupt contest at Tel Aviv’s Innovex 2016 conference.

Australian, Canadian and US kids are traveling to Europe and Israel for the ApiFix non-fusion treatment of their spine, and scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute cancer treatment can fight Alzheimer’s.

Israeli biotech Kamada has launched a anti-Rabies vaccine in 10 countries, and Israel’s CollPlant announced positive final trial results for a gel designed for the treatment of chronic, hard to heal wounds and surgical wounds.

I usually publicize the positive achievements of the Jewish State. This week, however, I want to illustrate that much of Israel’s work also goes into counteracting the negative side of life in the modern world.

As Israel’s political parties fight another election and form alliances in its aftermath, here are some other perhaps more constructive battles that the Jewish State has been fighting recently.

Today, there are many evils that again threaten to flood the planet, but at least now we have a nation - Israel - busy re-constructing the world.