Israeli biotech ARTSaVIT is developing new treatment to fight cancer; EarlySign is designing and validating models for upper GI cancer, lung cancer, and epilepsy; the NeuroAD cranial device from Israel’s Neuronix slows the progression of Alzheimer’s, and much more.


New treatment to fight cancer

I reported previously (Sep 2013) that Dr. Sarit Larisch of Haifa University discovered ARTS – a protein missing in tumors that regulates apoptosis (cell death). Israeli biotech ARTSaVIT is developing a treatment based on this research and has just received $6.3 million of funds.

Diagnosing early cancer from blood tests

I reported on Israel’s Medial EarlySign previously (May 2015) when it was MedialCS and trialing its colon cancer early-warning algorithm (now called Colon Flag) with Israel’s Maccabi Health company. EarlySign is now designing and validating models for upper GI cancer, lung cancer, and epilepsy.

Positive results in trials of Alzheimer’s treatment

In latest trials, the NeuroAD cranial device from Israel’s Neuronix (see here) slowed the progression of the disease in 85% of patients suffering mild Alzheimer’s.  The treatment is now being used commercially in the UK (London, Berkshire, Chester and Manchester).

Clues to defeating resistant bacteria

Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered some surprising characteristics of bacteria.  When phage-resistant bacteria are in close contact with phage-sensitive bacteria, the resistant bacteria lose their resistance. The discovery could help research into antibiotic resistance.

Record number of organ transplants

A record 504 Israelis were saved thanks to organ transplants in 2016, up from 433 in 2015. The number of live kidney transplants (222) was also a record and included 129 donations from friends or strangers.  887,317 Israelis have now signed organ donor cards.

One Weekend in the Life of an Israeli EMS Paramedic

Dov Maisel had six emergency calls during the 24 hours from Friday afternoon right through Shabbat.  Five people were saved.

Lung inflation device is aired on TV

I reported last week about Israel’s Guide In Medical (GIM) and its innovative tube for inflating collapsed lungs.  GIM’s CEO Ariel Shrem has just spoken about the device on ILTV daily.

A fighting chance

I reported previously (Feb 2016) on Israel’s Intensix and its early-warning analysis of deteriorating Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients.  Intensix has won or come close to winning 3 recent startup competitions.  It has also just received $8.3 million of financing.

Paralyzed UK policewoman walks again

Former British police officer Nicki Donnelly, who was paralyzed in 2009, can now walk again. She received a ReWalk exoskeleton from the Gerald Ronson Family Foundation and the UK Jewish Community Security Trust (CST).  Nicki now wants to visit ReWalk’s Israeli inventor Amit Goffer.


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