We must push back at the gradual chipping away of Jewish identity and history. It’s time that CNN heard from concerned citizens who won’t stand for this any longer.

The IDF provides an inside look at its operations and exercises, its latest technology and its approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

After Israel announced it would build more homes for Jews in Shiloh in Samaria, the White House and State Department both condemned Israel for establishing a new "settlement," but the accusation is false and only proves that the Obama administration is biased.

Mainstream Western media coverage of Israel intentionally tries to delegitimize the Jewish State. The good news, is that these terms weren’t written in stone 3,300 years ago, but are post-Israel independence creations. By using this language, we forfeit our history. Here are 13 phrases we must stop repeating.

Many media outlets belittled recent Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis, purposely mislabeling them as 'lone wolf attacks.' This video demonstrates how the attacks were actually incited directly by the Palestinian Authority.

Contrary to popular belief that Israel is a dangerous place to visit, official data indicates that one is less likely to be killed in Israel than in the United States. Just ask anyone who has been to Israel recently.

British and French interests of 1916 created a host of problems over the next century. Today, Israel should worry about the different world views that have developed between itself and the West. But the new situation also presents Israel with opportunities.