Yom Kippur

Yes, we have to feel remorse, and yes, it may very well be appropriate on an individual level to be moved to tears, but on the whole, our sages teach us that the confessional is actually a time to be happy.

The way that Jewish people greet each other on Rosh Hashana is, frankly, a fascinating subject on its own, reflecting the different cultures, communities and levels of observance.

what inspires you

How can the anointment of Aaron the High Priest, recounted in this week's Torah reading, inspire us?

One reason that God found the Jewish people worthy of redemption from Egypt was that they maintained their modest way of dress within a loose, immoral society.

Let us explore the complicated and controversial question of “Who’s a Jew?” First, it would be worthwhile to understand what the word "Jew" means.

Modesty is the top attribute for a Jew and for a leader. Only with a strong sense of modesty can one fight off all the temptations of power and corruption.

Caesar celebrated the first New Year’s Day by ordering a major attack on Jews. For centuries, others in Europe and elsewhere followed suit, torturing and murdering Jews.

So that there be no mistake or misunderstanding whatsoever, the Torah specifies exactly which land God gave to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: The Land of Israel!