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The weekly Torah portion of “Chukat” (Numbers 19:1-22:1) is the most action-packed Torah portion for its size.

It contains the mysterious procedure of the red cow whose ashes purified the impure while making the pure impure (really!)

“Chukat” also includes the death of both Miriam and Aaron, the Moses-hit-the-rock-fiasco, the failed ambush of the Emorites, and much more.

Rabbi Enkin covers a bit of everything with special emphasis on the episode at the rock and its numerous interpretations.

Why did Moses “lose his cool” and hit the rock? Why did the rock “listen” and produce so much water? And why did God punish Moses so severely?

The class will includes some “bonus nuggets” on this fascinating weekly portion, so make sure sit back, enjoy and bring enough water!

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