The plans were announced as a response to the recent wave of Palestinian terror attacks. As usual, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon denounced Israel's decision thought he made no such statement against Palestinian incitement or terror.

In a visit to Gaza on his last visit to the Middle East in his capacity as UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, in what appears to be a supremely naive statement, called on Israel to lift its blockade on Gaza. If Israel were to follow this delusional idea, it would place millions of its citizens at immediate risk.

Islamic State influence is spreading rapidly across the globe, and it remains the strongest terrorist organization, the UN warned in a new report.

Once again, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon demonstrated his anti-Israel bias, when he said it was “human nature to react to occupation,” implying that deadly Palestinian terror attacks are excusable. It is Ban's remarks that are inexcusable! Protest now!

Israel is demanding that the UN condemn Iran for its anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. Iran plans to host another cartoon contest in June with a cash prize for the "best cartoon on the Holocaust." This contest typifies Iran's Holocaust denial and its efforts to ridicule or use it for anti-Israel propaganda.

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon justified Palestinian terror by saying that it is Israel that breeds Palestinian "anger." Throughout his tenure, Ban has consistently laid the blame for Palestinian problems at Israel's doorstep. Call him out on his misguided understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas raised the Palestinian flag at the United Nations for the first time with a promise that it will be raised soon in Jerusalem, "the capital of our Palestinian state."