Prime Minister Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu before boarding flight to US. (Avi Ohayon/GPO) (Avi Ohayon/GPO)
Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu

The Iran nuclear deal, the Syrian civil war and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are among the topics Netanyahu is expected to discuss at the UN General Assembly this week.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, left for the US on Tuesday.

Upon his departure from Ben-Gurion Airport, Netanyahu told reporters he will present Israel’s expectations in wake of the Iran nuclear deal, against which he has been vigorously fighting. The majority of Israelis, including the political opposition, are united in opposition to the agreement signed by Iran and the US-led global powers in July.

“Each time that I address the UN, I feel the privilege and great honor of telling the truth before the world on behalf of the citizens of Israel, on behalf of our country. The world needs to know what the citizens of Israel feel about the nuclear agreement with Iran and what we expect from the international community in the wake of this agreement,” he said..

Other topics for discussion, he said, include the Islamic terror threats emanating from Syria, Israel’s desire to renew peace negotiations with the Palestinians and the rising violence in Jerusalem. He will also demand that the Palestinian Authority cease its incitement against Jews on the Temple Mount.

“In my speech, I will – of course – refer to our policy vis-à-vis Syria and the dangers on our northern border,” Netanyahu said. “The following day I will meet with US Secretary of State John Kerry and will discuss with him the strengthening of Israel’s security. We will also discuss the peace process.”

“Israel desires peace with the Palestinians who, to my regret, are continuing to spread gross lies about our policy on the Temple Mount,” he stated. “I will demand a halt to this wild incitement. Israel is committed to the status quo; Israel is maintaining the status quo. It is the Palestinian rioters who are bringing war material, pipebombs and fireworks onto the Temple Mount and who are harming the sanctity of the place, and it is they who are violating the status quo.”

Israel: ‘An Island of Progress and Stability’

“Indeed, with every passing day it is clear that within the collapsing Middle East Islamic extremists are capturing more and more territory. Israel is an island of progress and stability. I will say all of this and more at the UN General Assembly and in my meetings in the US,” the prime minister concluded before boarding his flight.

By: United with Israel Staff

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