After the Flood, God promised that He would never again flood the world. But God wanted a reminder of this promise, and therefore, He created the rainbow. But does God really need a reminder?

As the Rabbinic Director of United with Israel, I am honored to share beautiful Torah messages from Israel with you each week. This week I have a special request to make from you. Please read on...

Only Judah could feel the responsibility for every single Jew. He is the one who cannot eat, sleep, or function knowing that there is a Jew somewhere who is assimilating, who is at risk of being lost to the Jewish people.

There are so many lessons that we can learn from our forefather Jacob, including  the value of time and proper work ethics, the value of effort and the reward of accomplishment. In Judaism there is no such thing as “killing time.” Remember that time is precious. Don’t ever waste a day or even a moment. Make all of your time in the world really count!