Health Ministry eases restrictions, allows expansion of prayers at Judaism's holiest site and hints that synagogues might reopen by week's end, with conditions.

People from around the world, of all faiths and creeds, send letters addressed to 'God' and destined to Israel, and Israel's postal service has delivered the letters, which will be placed between the stones of the Western Wall, ahead of the upcoming New Year Jewish holidays.

For years, the Islamic Waqf has worked, unchallenged, to destroy historical evidence of the two Jewish Temples on the Temple Mount and build other structures. Now, Israel has ordered a halt to construction out of fear the process would damage the Western Wall.

The UN's special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Nickolay Mladenov, rejected the invitation, insulted at the suggestion that UN staff in Jerusalem were insufficiently educated about the history of the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount. Unfortunately, the UN has proven it is biased against Israel and ignores basic facts.

Sukkot - the Festival of Joy - is an ideal time for Jewish families to travel throughout the Land of Israel and appreciate the Jewish Nation dwelling in it homeland. Wish you were here to join us!

According to Jewish tradition, many major historical events took place on the Temple Mount. It was where the creation of the world began.

When we told our friends that we were making Aliyah, some were shocked. Well, to all our friends who doubted us: We are celebrating our 20th year of Aliyah!