Why do you want to live so close to Gaza? Aren’t you afraid of missiles and terror attacks?

Of the 141,200 citizens of Ethiopian origin in Israel graduating from high school, 89% took the matriculation tests compared with the national average of 94%; 20 women have enrolled in the IDF Paratroop Brigade’s instructors course; Eitan Na’eh arrived in Ankara to take up the position of Israel’s new ambassador, and much more.  By: Michael... Read more »

Thanks to Israel’s Aqwise, visitors to India’s Taj Mahal have drinking water; Israeli cancer charity Ezer Mizion and Israeli startup Click2Speak are piloting an on-screen keyboard operated by eye-tracking, and much more.

The BBC is broadcasting “The A-Word” – a drama about a family with an autistic son - after buying the format from Israel’s Keshet International, and Israel attracts about 500 million birds annually, prompting the government to feed 8 tons of corn to thousands of cranes every day.