Pithy and false one-liners, spiteful singular comments, lack of concern for thought and/or the facts – this is all part of the present, possible maliciousness of an internet sound bite.

A Syrian refugee now living in Turkey has created a website to acknowledge the help that Israel, and Jews worldwide, have been providing to displaced residents of his native country.

IsraAID has launched a project in Nepal by opening a beekeeping school near Kathmandu, and a Facebook page shows Muslim citizens in Israel enjoying the good life.

Waiting for Syrian refugees on the shore is a rescue team of doctors and nurses, both Arab and Jewish, from the Israeli humanitarian organization IsraAid, and Israel’s first ever basketball league for people with special needs has been launched in Jerusalem.

A group of Israeli yachting enthusiasts chanced upon several Syrian and Iraqi refugees floundering in the water off the Greek coast, who they quickly rescued from what would have been certain death.