It takes a lot of wakaha (impudence) to spit in someone's face and then reach your hand out to beg for money, which is what the Palestinians are doing.

The international community must decide whether it support UNWRA’s perpetuation of the conflict or a peaceful two-state solution in a post-UNWRA future. 

Several Arab countries reportedly agreed to participate in a summit, while Abbas dismissed it as a ploy by the US to force its 'ambiguous' peace plan on the Palestinians.

Abbas refused to welcome a delegation of Democratic lawmakers who visited the region in March, indicating his fury at the US is not limited to the Trump administration. By: United with Israel Staff Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has made his animosity for the Trump administration clear ever since the US officially recognized Jerusalem as... Read more »

The Palestinians have stepped up their anti-US rhetoric in an attempt to extort funds from the US. The Americans should call the Palestinian bluff and send a warning that there will be consequences for their rhetoric and actions if they do not cease the incitement. 

The US Senate has passed the Taylor Force Act, which freezes aid to the Palestinian Authority as long as it continues to incite and fund terror. Congress has approved the Taylor Force Act, which received bipartisan support and was named for 28-year-old American tourist Taylor Force, who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist... Read more »