'I can’t believe that Google would actually censor a pro-Israel speech by me, when it has so much anti-Israel stuff all over its platform,' said former Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz.

Thanks to United with Israel, TorrentFreak, and other websites who told my story, the DNB finally made a public statement on Twitter denying that BR Enter represented them.

As part of our ongoing effort to clear the internet of videos that incite violence and terror against Jews, United with Israel posted a list of videos that need to be removed from YouTube. The response was huge! Over 30,000 complaints to YouTube appears to have done the trick!

In further effort to tackle the roots of Palestinian incitement against Jews, Israel has established a new online task force to identify and target problematic posts on social media. Last week, Google and YouTube promised to assist in this campaign.

Incitement to violence against Jews is widely prevalent on social media and YouTube is no exception. Incitement leads terrorists to commit acts of terror. United with Israel asked its supporters to contact YouTube and report hate videos in the hope they would be removed. The effort paid off!