After a short campaign, supporters of the Israeli watchdog Palestinian Media Watch were able to pressure YouTube into reopening the vital account that exposes the Palestinian Authority’s effort to incite violence against and murder of Jews.

The Internet video-sharing portal YouTube reinstated Palestinian Media Watch’s (PMW) account on Monday, after suspending the account a day before for alleged “abuse of terms of use.”

PMW launched a campaign to have its supports protest the move, which apparently lead to the reinstating of the account.

“Thanks to all of our friends whose contacts and pressure on YouTube over the past 16 hours convinced YouTube to reinstate our account and return it to good standing, Itamar Marcus, PMW’s director stated. YouTube has removed PMW’s material in the past on the grounds that it constituted “hateful content.”

PMW monitors and exposes incitement in Palestinian media and press, providing the media, lawmakers and decision makers around the globe with vital information on the reality in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

“I want to personally thank everyone who reached out to PMW and to YouTube, which shows that the cumulative effect of individual actions can make a difference,” said Marcus.

By: United with Israel Staff