How does the world deal with an enemy who courts death? By compromising morality and finding a new enemy. And so Israel is demonized and the Arab world is glorified. 

This is a piece that I’ve been wanting to write for a very long time now. The IDF is currently reporting that the most recent terrorist attack in what Palestinian-supporters call the “West Bank” was really just an accident. Perhaps the driver simply sneezed, causing him to smash full speed into 3 IDF soldiers. And maybe it was panic that caused him to keep on driving, rather than stop. So we’ll tell that to Shalom Aharon ben Naavah, who will (please G-d) have a full recovery. Right now, he’s fighting for his life and he’s in a lot of trouble.

We can assume that the IDF is telling the truth, or we can explore deeper. We know that Israel cares greatly about world opinion. Why would Israel intentionally label this as an accident if it really is a terrorist attack?

Proportionate Force

The hypocrisy of Operation Protective Edge is disgusting. Hamas kidnapped and murdered 3 Israeli boys. Then they fired over 15,000 rockets into Israel. Yes, Israel responded, but what response did that garner from the international community? Don’t use excessive force. Use proportionate force.

Excuse me? Have you checked your meds? Are you insane?

Every single one of those 15,000 rockets was targeted. If it was up to Hamas, as they’ve said, they would blow up every kindergarten, every school and every location housing large numbers of Jewish civilians. In fact, they built terror tunnels with the intention of kidnapping and killing women and children so they could ‘defeat’ Israel. If not for blatant miracles, they could have succeeded. The majority of the rockets landed where they couldn’t hurt Jews, but the intention was that they would. In fact, because Hamas couldn’t kill any Jews, they killed their own people and blamed Israel. And the world couldn’t wait to believe their fake stories. Not a day goes by where I don’t read something about Israel being ‘child killers.’

What should Israel have done? Hamas used excessive force! They fired 15,000 rockets. Don’t look at the end results. Look at the intention. Look at the fact that even now, they are rebuilding their terror tunnels. Shame on you if you think Israel used excessive force. If we had used proportionate force, Gaza would be nothing but dust.

Obama, Kerry and the United States

The stance the United States is taking against Israel has become more harsh and critical as the months go by. Why? The U.S. knows that Israel is their only ally in the Middle East. We are the only ones who want to work together, rather than burn flags and call for the destruction of the West. Israel is the only democracy in the region where all religions are welcome.

The U.S. is fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) right now. What does this mean? That they oppose terrorism? That they stand up for Western values? ISIS terrorists are clearly the bad guys, going around cutting off heads, murdering Christians, etc. I wonder if the U.S. would have even reacted to ISIS at all if they weren’t directly threatened and U.S. citizens weren’t beheaded.

In my personal opinion, the U.S. has chosen new allies and is going against Israel. Just look at Secretary of State John Kerry.

His wife funds a restaurant that has decidedly anti-American values and who freely encourages incitement against Israel.

Kerry pretty much blamed Israel for the rise of ISIS.

As Iran bashed Israel, calling us ‘genocidal’, Kerry remained silent.

Kerry warned that Israel could become an apartheid state.

And there are many other examples to show that U.S. officials side with the Arabs over Israel. Israel is being forced to make peace. We are warned not to respond when terrorists kill our people, murder our babies. We are blamed for the breakdown of peace talks. We are even blamed for Operation Protective Edge, as if we had started the war.

What are you Afraid of?

Why would the U.S. side with the Arabs? Simple: Fear. The U.S. is afraid of the Arab world. This is not a world with which you can negotiate. This is a world that is completely opposed to the values of the West. Sharia law does not exist in the confines of the West. It overwrites it. But the U.S. believes that they can suck up to the Arabs. They think that they can maintain their existence if they just become friends with the Arabs.

Why else would the U.S. be dealing with Iran? Iran has made it clear that they want Israel destroyed. If they get nuclear weapons, where do you think those missiles will be heading? Israel! So what is Obama thinking? And Kerry? And the like? Side with Iran and let them have their nuclear capabilities. If they’re friends with each other, Iran won’t attack them. The stupid thing about this is that in Iran they are burning American flags. So what does that say about future peace?

While missiles fly toward Israel, they’ll also be flying toward the U.S. And Canada. And any other country that might oppose Arab might. Iran won’t spend more than a second to think about what the U.S. had done for them.

Fear is Justified

What do you do with an enemy who values death and destruction? How do you deal with an enemy who believes that an Arab who kills a Jew is a martyr deserving of the finest rewards Heaven can possibly bestow? And that same principle applies to all infidels.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ‘em? Right? The threat they pose is formidable. They will sacrifice themselves willingly to kill us. They will even kill themselves just to make Israel look bad.

But this is an enemy who can be destroyed. We have but to learn from King David. If they value strength, show them that we’re stronger. If they aren’t afraid to die, kill a lot of them. It sounds brutal, but in order to succeed, we have to speak the same language. They killed one of ours? Kill 1,000 of theirs. Don’t stop until they are subjugated, because this is an enemy who will not stop unless you force them to. This is an enemy who has to be put in a cage.

You cannot reason with a lion that wants to tear your throat out. There is no peace you can establish. The Arabs want to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. Unless they have 100% success, they will not stop. That is the reality of the situation.

The World Reacts

How does the world react to the Arab threat? The Arabs are everywhere. So the world reacts by finding a new enemy. Israel. The common enemy. It doesn’t matter what innovations come out of the Holy Land. It doesn’t matter that Israel has a biblical connection with the land. Or an archaeologically proven one. There are no merits to rely on, because they are all being discarded. Arabs want the land. That’s the only thing that matters.

Then of course you have anti-Semitism. So attacking Israel becomes even easier, because it means justifying an irrational hatred.

Let’s ask ourselves a question. What would happen if there was a two-state solution? Israel would be wiped off the face of the planet within hours. The Israeli government knows this. The Arabs know this. Kerry knows this and Obama certainly knows this. But if Israel is the common enemy, then who really cares if Israel winds up destroyed? Let’s push the two-state solution.

The Will to Live

The enemies of Israel will never succeed. Never. The Jewish people have always flourished in spite of the greatest persecution. Back when the Egyptians had us enslaved, the Jewish people responded by having huge families. Israel is persecuted and criticized, held to a standard no other country on Earth could achieve, but we still produce the most incredible innovations. We keep trying to make the world a better place.

And our supporters are equally determined. They are not afraid to fight for what is right. They are not afraid of the Arab threat. They are not afraid to stand up for Israel. Whether it’s for religious reasons, or for ideological reasons, we have the truth. We will not be stopped and we will keep on fighting. And that is why we will win. Because salvation is coming. There will be peace. The terror will end. Israel will be restored to its full might and the whole world will appreciate its glory. Good will prevail over evil.

Terror into Beauty

I’m going to use this opportunity to mention the Rockets into Roses website. To me, it’s the ultimate symbol of turning tragedy into something positive. Can you imagine wearing a necklace that was crafted from a Kassam rocket? And not just a rocket, but one that was launched into Israel with murderous intent. That’s power. It shows defiance and a will to live. When you wear that necklace, you’re making a statement. You stand for what is right. There is terror, but there is also strength.

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Article by Dan Wener

He lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh.