“Political language…is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” (British novelist George Orwell)

“The relativism which is not willing to speak about truth but only about ‘what is true for me’ is an evasion of the serious business of living. It is the mark of a tragic loss of nerve in our contemporary culture. It is a preliminary symptom of death.” (Bishop Lesslie Newbigin, ‘The Gospel in a Pluralist Society’)

“We should challenge the relativism that tells us there is no right or wrong, when every instinct of our mind knows it is not so, and is a mere excuse to allow us to indulge in what we believe we can get away with. A world without values quickly becomes a world without value.” (Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks)

The horror of four rabbis being bludgeoned to death with knives, axes and guns as they prayed in a synagogue in Jerusalem sent shock waves throughout Israel and the Jewish and pro-Israel community.  The brave Druze policeman who was in a gun battle with the terrorists succumbed to his wounds and also died.

This attack came on the heels of a cluster of terror attacks in Jerusalem where a three-month-old baby from America died from her wounds when a terrorist drove his car into a crowd waiting for the train. We also witnessed the attempted assassination of Rabbi Yehuda Glick.

Being in Jerusalem at the time, one could feel the tension in the air as even standing at the train stop wasn’t safe because Arabs were using cars as weapons of death and destruction on innocent bystanders.

Given the reactions to these horrific events from world leaders it is evident that we are sinking into a mire of moral relativism in western civilization where the Rabbi praying in a Synagogue is synonymous with a Global Jihad terrorist wielding axes, guns and knives.

In a statement delivered to the White House press pool, President Obama responded to the attack by declaring that “too many Palestinians have died” as well as Israelis, in the struggle between the State of Israel and the terrorist group Hamas and its affiliates, including the internationally active Muslim Brotherhood. “At this difficult time,” the president told reporters, “I think it’s important for both Palestinians and Israelis to try to work together to lower tensions and reject violence.”

This is a tepid and curious response to a brutal murder of innocent civilians by armed terrorists, but it is happening more and more and frighteningly is coinciding with a rise in anti-Semitism throughout the world.  One might wonder how an unarmed rabbi praying in a synagogue could do anymore “to lower tensions and reject violence.”

It is macabre indeed to make such statements as beheadings, kidnapping, rapes and all sorts of atrocities are carried out in the name of Islam and the Islamic State. These attacks on the rabbis very much replicate the savagery taking place by Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, with as much blood and gore as possible.  It was not reported widely, but beheadings did take place in the Har Nof massacre of the rabbis.

Obama’s remarks are especially curious because according to a recent report, most Palestinians agree with waging Jihad on innocent Israelis and in fact don’t want peace with the Jews of Israel. So in Obama’s world he is designing his political language to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable just as Orwell suggests.

Not Just Bias, but Outright Anti-Israel Propaganda

We saw firsthand during the war between Hamas and Israel the bias from the media and the UN.  Not just bias, but outright anti-Israel propaganda could be seen by many news outlets. As shocking reports of Hamas using their own people as human shields were brought to light, it was ignored in the mainstream media.  It was being reported how many millions of dollars were spent on terror tunnels and yet the Gaza population was left without bomb shelters and was not allowed to use the tunnels for shelter.  Instead, after being warned by the IDF to leave areas as they would be bombed, they were told by Hamas to stay where they were and be cannon fodder for the cause. The hypocrisy from those who are supposed to care about these people was palpable.

Those of us on social media posted these reports until they could not be ignored any further and the mainstream media had to start mentioning these facts. Moral equivalence was at play here between Hamas, a designated terror organization. and the Israel Defense Forces. The Armed Forces of a western democracy.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the organization designed to assist Palestinian refugees, was even found to be complicit in aiding Hamas during the war. The IDF found rockets hidden within UNRWA schools and also found that rockets were being fired into Israel from the schools.  Ambulances were used to transport terrorists, and family homes and mosques were also used to hide Hamas weaponry.

Teaching of Myths to Create Monsters

The research by David Bedein of the Near East Policy Research Center and Israel Behind the News and Brooke Goldstein of the Lawfare Project show that in fact the Arab children in the UNRWA schools within the territories of Judea and Samaria and Gaza are filled with incitement to kill the Jewish population of Israel. “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free” is a euphemism for ridding the area of Jews.

Goldstein discusses “Camp Jihad” in the following video:

Taking child abuse to such stratospheric levels has borne fruit in the recent violent uprisings and terror attacks around Jerusalem as many of the perpetrators have been in their teens or early 20s.

The brainwashing to kill the Jews of Israel is also preached within the mosques in Jerusalem as documented by Palestinian Media Watch and MEMRI.

The Death of Democracy and Birth of the Islamic State

The Middle East has literally exploded under the Obama presidency. He appears to want the Jihadists to achieve hegemony over more stable regimes in the region.

Those of us who study and report on these events whether they be in Israel, the US, Europe and Australia realize that it is all under one banner, Global Jihad. These groups go by different names but all have the same goal and that is to destroy the West.

In a startling display of solidarity with Islam and Global Jihad, many European countries are voting for the support of a Palestinian Terror State within Israel.  The reasons appear to be a combination of anti-Semitism left over from the Second World War, the gradual takeover of these countries by Islamists and the slick PR machine of the PLO in selling the myth of the Palestinian people who never existed and are actually Arabs from surrounding countries molded into a ticking time-bomb of hate and incitement in order to destroy Israel.

Couple this with the Obama administration, which has recently been mulling over sanctions on Israel, their ally, and letting Iran off the hook, and a perfect storm is brewing for disaster for Israel and the West.

Consider the video below. Islamic State enthusiasts are holding a rally in Australia, waving ISIS flags, inciting Jihad with children as their main target. The authorities are rightfully horrified at the indoctrination of the children, but no mention is made of ridding their country of these parasitic and dangerous potential murderers who are holding the meeting.

I believe this is a perfect example of the West succumbing to the Islamic State within their borders. Will we wake up in time to rid ourselves of this barbarism or will be sleep under the hypnotic trance of moral relativism?







Article by Leslie-Ann Stoffel

Leslie-Ann Stoffel is a prolific Canadian pro-Israel blogger and social media activist. Her website is http://therealclearisrael.org/